7 New Sales Strategies to Increase Revenue in 2018

John Livesay  |

Stop selling, and tell stories instead.

Whether you have to sell your idea internally or sell your product or service to get new clients, the old way of selling by pushing your message is over. In fact, Jeff Bezos at Amazon (AMZN) doesn’t want to see any more power point presentations, but instead wants 20 minute narratives.

Guess what? Your clients don’t want to see any more boring power point presentations either.

Here are 7 strategies to make 2018 your best sales year ever, even if you just had a record year.

1) Plato said “Story tellers rule the world.” This is still true today. The person who tells the best story gets the sale. Stories PULL people in. Ask yourself this question. Are you telling a story that makes people share your vision of the future when they work with you?

2) What is your story of origin?

What makes you so passionate about what you do?

What story can you tell so people want to connect with you over time?

The answer is a story that creates an open loop that gives people just enough to want to hear more. Think about TV shows that have a cliff hanger to get you to tune in next week. Your conversations with buyers should make them look forward to hearing from you again because you have a new “chapter” to share not a new feature to talk about.

3) What is your company’s story of origin? The history of where the company name came from and what the values are that attract the team all paint a picture for a buyer to see if their culture fits your culture. When clients feel you share the same type of mission and values about innovation, integrity and improving the world, then you are half way towards getting a yes.

4) What type of story genre are you ? Are you telling a story of rags to riches when you describe a case study of someone who uses your product or service? If you can tell a story of what someone’s life/business was like before they hired you and how much better their life is now after they hire you, then people will want to go on that journey. The secret sauce is getting the buyer to see themselves in the story when you tell it!

5) Do you know how to tell a great story? Some people think others are natural born storytellers. The good news there is a structure to use that will make your stories engaging and entertaining. A good story paints a picture of where you are and how you take us on the hero’s journey of overcoming a problem so that we are involved with the obstacles along the way. A GREAT story not only gives you a great solution, but shows the outcome of the hero’s life from having gone on the journey.

6) Are you comfortable with silence? Just as a good joke needs good timing, so too does your story. Make sure you pause for impact and most importantly pause to get the listeners’ feedback.

7) What is the best way to get rapport? Tell a story that gets people to relax and entertain them. When you do that people will want to take your call and open your emails every time.

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Use these 7 strategies to tell compelling stories and watch your sales soar!

John Livesay is The Pitch Whisperer, who is a keynote speaker to luxury brands and shares lessons learned from his award winning career at Conde Nast. His keynote talks teach luxury brands how to be irresistible so they can instill in their customers the “Gotta Have It” feeling. When that happens the brands creates loyalty and a story that gets the crucial word of mouth in high gear across social media.

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