7 "Buy and Hold" Dividend Stocks for 2015

Harry Domash  |

I’m going to suggest seven stocks for you to consider for 2015. I know that it’s somewhat unfashionable, but this is a “buy and hold” portfolio, that is, these stocks are intended to be held until year’s end. All are dividend payers. That way, if the market tanks, you’ll still be collecting dividends why'll you wait for an upturn. Here’s the list.

Six Flags Entertainment (SIX)

Six Flags owns and operates 16 amusement parks in the United States, one in Mexico City and one in Montreal, Canada. Six Flags has a troubled past, emerging from a 2009 bankruptcy in 2010. Shortly thereafter, the firm brought in a new CEO who has embarked on an aggressive program to grow revenue by adding major new attractions to the parks. It has worked. September quarter earnings and cash flow were both up double-digits vs. year-ago. Moreover, Six Flags will benefit from lower gasoline prices which should put more money in people’s pockets in 2015. Also adding to its long-term outlook, Six Flags recently announced plans to build new theme parks in China and Dubai. Current dividend yield is 4.8%.

Cinemark Holdings (CNK)

Movie theater chains don’t usually come to mind when you’re looking for growth stocks, but Cinemark (CNK) is worth considering. It operates more than 330 theater complexes in the U.S. and more than 150 in Latin America, which is a faster growing market. Due to a lack of appealing product, 2014 was a down year for movie attendance, but analysts expect higher grossing movies this year. Yield 2.8%.

Hospitality Properties Trust (HPT)

Hospitality owns hotel properties that it leases to major operators such as Marriot and Wyndham. It also owns travel centers located adjacent to interstate highways. Both the hotel and travel center businesses should also benefit from lower gas prices. Hospitality is a real estate investment trust (REIT), which is similar to a regular corporation except that REITs don’t pay federal corporate taxes if they distribute at least 90 percent of taxable income to shareholders as dividends. Yield 6.2%.

MacquarieInfrastructure Trust (MIC)

Macquarie owns and operates a variety of infrastructure properties, the largest segment being corporate and private airplane repair and fueling facilities located at airports. These are also businesses likely to benefit from lower fuel costs. Although organized as trust, MIC is treated as a corporation for income tax reporting purposes. Yield 5.6%.

Physicians Realty Trust (DOC)

A July 2013 IPO, Physicians, also a REIT, owns healthcare properties leased to physicians, hospitals and other healthcare operators. Its properties are typically on a campus with a hospital and/or other healthcare facilities. Being a recent IPO, Physicians is still in fast-growth mode. Yield 5.3%.

Tekla Life Sciences (HQL)

Tekla is a closed-end fund thatholds mostly U.S.-based biotechnology and pharmaceutical stocks. Closed-end funds are similar to conventional mutual funds, but unlike conventional funds that sell and redeem shares as needed, CEFs sell a fixed number of shares via an IPO. After that, the funds trade like stocks. CEFs have advantages over conventional mutual funds. I’ll elaborate on those in future columns. Yield 7.3%.

Wells Fargo (WFC)

Well Fargo, one of the largest U.S. banks, offers retail and commercial banking, insurance, investment, mortgage, and consumer finance services, coast to coast. Large banks in general should do well this year, and Wells Fargo is as good as it gets. Yield 2.7%.

These are my ideas. However, do your own due diligence before you act. The more you know about your stocks, the better your results.

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