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There are many reasons why there's a growing number of socially responsible businesses in the United States. One reason is the mindset of up and coming generations of new workers. For example, among Millennial's, who represent a large segment of the current workforce, social responsibility is extremely important. In the business environment, they promote social responsibility as consumers and employees. Generation Z is also a group of socially conscious workers. As this generation's buying power increases, the demand for social responsibility among enterprises will rise.

Individuals aren't the only ones working to improve society. Today, many enterprises give back to the communities in which they do business. They donate to the needy, work to preserve the environment and perform other socially conscious acts.

Many enterprises have a long way to go toward exhibiting social responsibility. They have not joined this movement because of the cost, required investment in time and a lack of desire for corporate outcomes that extend beyond profits.

The Social Consciousness Movement

In surveys, Millennial's list social consciousness as a top factor that influences their purchasing and employment choices. By working for firms that are socially responsible, this group garners a sense of satisfaction. This is a boon for employers, as job satisfaction reduces turnover and the need to train new hires.

For some well-meaning individuals, their biggest motivator is making a positive improvement in the quality of life for others. Just like the growing number of altruistic employers, employees too want to contribute to a greater cause. While an individual cannot save the world on their own, a career that contributes to social good is -- at least -- part of the solution.

The following six sections highlight 6 outstanding socially conscious enterprises.

Enterprise 1: Prime Five Homes

Prime Five Homes doesn’t build typical residential units. They manufacture modern, sustainable homes that use less energy, gas and water. Buyers who purchase a Prime Five Homes residence know that their investment will help to improve the environment. Additionally, a portion of all of the enterprise’s sales goes to the company's nonprofit subsidiary, the Dream Builders Project, which distributes funds to select charities.

Enterprise 2: Sand Cloud

For those who spend any time at the beach, Sand Cloud is a retailer of interest. The company, founded in 2014, is a beach lifestyle company that sells beach towels, blankets and accessories and donates a percentage of its profits toward marine life preservation. The enterprise works with groups such as the Marine Conservation Institute, the San Diego Coastkeeepers Foundation, the Pacific Marine Mammal Center and the Surfrider Foundation.

Enterprise 3: Krochet Kids

Krochet Kids came to life when three high school buddies transformed their love of snow sports into an enterprise creating crocheted headwear. The group continued their work through high school, but briefly let the business fall by the wayside after starting college. Eventually, they renewed their work efforts and gained nonprofit status in 2008. Today the company employs over 150 Ugandan and Peruvian citizens and pays them a fair living wage for producing Krochet Kids goods.

Enterprise 4: The Giving Keys

The self-labeled “pay it forward company,” The Giving Keys hires individuals for transitioning out of homelessness. The enterprise provides them with full-time jobs, benefits, paid personal leave and fair living wages and sells decorative jewelry embossed with quotes such as “Dream,” “Create’ and “Inspire.” The company encourages people to embrace living and pay it forward by gifting their products to someone who will benefit from these messages.

Enterprise 5: Accessibility Partners

Today, many consumers take computers, smart phones and tablets for granted. However, those with disabilities can find it significantly challenging to use -- what’s for most -- every day, common technologies. Accessibility Partners works with public and private sector firms, federal agencies and disability advocates to test and review assessable products. The firm's talent pool consists of more than 70-percent of disabled individuals, and the company promotes disability advocacy throughout its entire operation.

Enterprise 6: Bravelets

The idea for Bravelets was sparked in the mind of Stephanie Hanson when she learned her mother had breast cancer and wanted to remind her family to remain strong throughout the ordeal. She also created Bravelets to help people find strength during difficult times, such as when family members are diagnosed with illnesses. The company contributes to the Cure Alzheimer's Fund, the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the American Cancer Society. So far, they’ve donated $3 million to various charities.

Investing in socially conscious enterprises is beneficial for speculators. Not for the feel-good emotion that comes with doing good, but to show enterprise leaders that social consciousness in commerce matters. Additionally, socially conscious enterprises stand out from competitors.

More than likely, these firms will attract and retain the support of a torrent of up-and-coming consumers. In effect, socially conscious enterprises benefit not only society, but themselves. These firms create American jobs, provide for those in need, develop loyal staff members and make a positive difference in the world.

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