6 Biotech Stocks That Investors Hate but Analysts Love

Jacob Harper  |

Sometimes there are stocks that take a beating, but for whatever reason, the analysts won’t let them go. We decided to look at stocks that have had a rough go, but according to the analysts, are set to rebound any time. Specifically, for this article, we looked at the biotech sector.

Here’s the criteria we used: we decided to look at stocks that were down for the quarter but still had a “strong buy” rating from analysts. We further refined our search by focusing only on stocks above $4 a share to eliminate the more volatile ones.

We found six stocks that fit our criteria. Here they are:

Durata Therapeutics (DRTX) Chicago-based antibiotic developer Durata raised $74 million in an October 2012 IPO. Their main drug in development is dalbavancin, which treats skin infections. A December 2012 trial went well. Analysts still believe in the product’s future. Despite sitting near its 52 week low at $7 a share, Durata is up 1.74 percent.

Coronado Biosciences (CNDO) The immunotherapy drug development company is up 1.01 percent to $7.99 a share, and despite a dip the last few months, they’re up almost 67.58 percent on the year. Coronado recently announced they are hosting a conference looking for new investors.

Anacor Pharmaceuticals (ANAC) Anacor descirbes themselves as “hav(ing) discovered and advanced into clinical development several novel and proprietary boron-based product candidates.” They are up 4.34 percent to $5.53 a share. In June Anacor entered into a $45 million dollar term loan with Hercules Tech (HTGC.)

OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals (OGXI) OncoGenex gained 2.73 percent to hit $9.80 a share, though it’s down for the quarter and year (over 20 percent YTD.) Zacks is high on them, citing their drug OGX-011 that is “the lead candidate currently completing five Phase 2 clinical studies in prostate, lung and breast cancers.”

Lpath Inc. (LPTN) Lpath lost 1.94 percent to hit $4.56 a share, and is down for the year. This San Diego-based biotech company works on drugs that prevent macular degeneration. According to the New York Times, Lpath is advancing has completed a phase-I clinical trial for the drug ASONEP and is entering phase-II clinical trials in Renal Cell Carcinoma.

Array BioPharma(ARRY) Array is up 2.65 percent to hit $4.64 a share, down from their 52 week high of $6.56. Analysts are still bullish on the stock following promising trials for their p38 inhibitors that could have therapeutic effects on osteoarthritis.

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