5 Ways Facebook Can Help Prep For a Job Interview

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Using Facebook (FB) (FB) to prep for an interview can be a big help. The site can help you identify company employees, company reviews and even public posts.

It can be a bit complicated but here are some helpful hints to help find out more about a prospective employer:

  1. To search for employees at a specific company, use the search box at the top of your Facebook page. Type in the name of the company. If there is a match, you will see company reviews, posts, photos, articles mentioning the company and posts by any of your friends about the firm. If the company has a Facebook page, it will be listed here. The company might also have a group or a career page. Look for any groups that are for current or past employees. You can search for pages using “life at XYZ” or “careers at XYZ.”
  2. If there is a company page, look for the “community” information near the top of the page. Click on “See All,” you will see any of your friends wo have liked or followed this company.
  3. Look at the information the company is sharing on its page. Are there any comments/likes? Is there a common thread to these comments?
  4. Now see if you can connect with someone who has or is working with the company. In the name search box on your page, type in “people who work for XYZ.” This will show you anyone who has included XYZ in their profile.
  5. You can also use Facebook’s “Discover People” option. In the left column on your home page, click on “See More” under the “Explore” heading. Then click on “Discover People”, then “Work” and “Choose Company.” Select the company you want and you will see photos of people who have listed that company in their profile. If you know anyone in common, ask your connection to introduce you.

Finding out all you can about a company is an important step in determining if the move is a good culture fit for you. It can also help you formulate questions for your interview and will show your interest in the company.

Happy searching!

Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

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