5 Stocks That Turned Into Five-Baggers Over the Last Year

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Ever since the Dow Jones Industrial Average broke through its all-time high last week, it has been generally accepted that the markets have in fact been on a five-year bull run. In case you were wondering which stocks have been running way ahead of the curve, there are currently five companies who have at least quintupled their share price in the last year alone. The term "bagger" was popularized by legendary investor Peter Lynch in his book One Up On Wall Street, in which he describes a ten-bagger as an investment that is worth ten times its original purchase price. Here are five stocks that turned into five-baggers over the past year.

Consumer Portfolio Services Inc. (CPSS) – Consumer Portfolio Services is an independent finance company that helps folks with troubled/limited credit histories or low incomes with automobile financing.  The Irvine, California-based company’s market cap is currently 211.52 million, and their stock has gained an impressive 502.45 percent over the last year alone.  Given the financial state of the average consumer, as well as low interest rates and a resurgent automobile market, it is perhaps no surprise that this company has done so well in servicing sub-prime borrowers. On Thursday the CPS’s stock gained almost 3 percent to end the day at $9.82 per share.

Goldfield Corp. (GV) – Based in Melbourne, Florida, Goldfield is a heavy construction company specializing in electrical and maintenance services in the energy infrastructure industry. With a market cap of $115.8 million, the company’s stock has also more than quintupled, gaining 523.29 percent over the past year.  Goldfield’s success is the result of an increasing awareness that the country’s power grid desperately requires upgrades, as 2012 saw the company reinvest nearly $8 million dollars in equipment.  They closed the day down 1.52 percent, to $4.55 per share.

China HGS Real Estate Inc. (HGSH) – With so much talk about a pending housing bubble in China, it is hard to forget that urbanization is still a very real and continuing phenomenon in the world’s largest country.  China HGS in a real estate development company with a market cap of $234.71 million, whose stock has gained 555.49 percent over the last year.  The company’s shares were down 6.3 percent by the closing bell, trading at $5.21.

Novogen Limited (NVGN) – The Australian drug manufacturer has a market cap of $24.44 million, and has gained almost 603 percent in the last year based mainly on test results indicating that its experimental CS-6 drug was highly effective against ovarian cancer stem-cells.  Cancer stem-cells are believed by scientists to be the main reason for the recurrence of cancer for patients in remission.  Shares closed at $5.20, up almost 0.8 percent.

Security National Financial Corp. (SNFCA) –The Salt Lake City, Utah-based company is comprised of three branches: life insurance, funeral services, and mortgage loans, and with a market cap of $90.99 million, has increased its share price almost 526 percent over the past year.  The company announced a 5 percent dividend last December, which sent shares on an upward trajectory, over $14 at one point, and they have since receded to $8 by closing, an increase of just over 4 percent on the day.

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