5 Random Perks of Being Super Wealthy

Olivia Clifford  |

When you dive into being apart of the 1 percent where daily essentials become boring and extravagances are all the rage there are many quintessential perks that the average American thinks of. We all know that living the lifestyle of the rick and famous comes with big houses, nice cars and private jets, but there are many other perks that seem just too good to be true. There are many other extravagances that very wealthy people indulge themselves in to make their lives as simple as possible. From entertainer managers to night time nannies, there is just about no jobs that they couldn’t create to get out of having to do something themselves. 

Fine Art Insurance: 

Many different people choose to invest their money in different ways. There are the real estate investors, the stock market investors and then there are those who choose to invest in assets such as Art. One of the lesser-known extravagances of the wealthier class is purchasing insurance for their personal assets such as fine art. This insurance covers all monetary loss that would come from loosing pieces due to natural disasters, riots, floods etc. Their function is to not only make sure that you are financially insured but in cases of extreme emergency they will also send people to you to collect and protect your assets.

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Nighttime Nannies and In House Doctors:

Why go to the hospital to get better when you can have the hospital come to you. If you can afford it, there are many services that will bring everything you would need from the hospital to the comfort of your own home. They have the ability to essentially set up and entire hospital suite and a full time staff of nurses and doctors to tend to your needs. There are also options for mothers to have nannies that are on call to take care of their infants throughout the night. They are there to wake up feed and sooth the child all while you get a good night sleep. 

Full Service Travel Agent:

Why have to plan your own trips when you can have someone more qualified and versed do it for you. This is the luxury of having a full time travel agent. They are there to manage and plan every aspect of your travel agenda. They book everything from flights to hotels to your dinner reservations when you arrive. These travel agents are on call all the time to fix any problem you may have while traveling as well as manage your passports, visas and money exchange. 

Entertainment Managers

One of the greatest perks of being apart of the wealthier 1% of American’s is the ability to reserve private suites and VIP areas for all kinds of events. There are people whose main job is to make sure that you are properly accommodated and enjoying whatever it is that you choose to do. There are also a few entertainment managers who have the unique job of being a hooker liaison manager. Their job description in a nut shell is to go around and find women, bring them to the events and then pay and collect them come sunrise. 

Personal Shoppers

There are many entertainers and actors who have become style icons on their own with a little help from their personal shoppers. These are fashionistas who are not only in charge of buying the clothing, but tailoring and organizing it as well. They are paid to follow trends and put together outfits that reflect the latest fashions and designs in a better effort to make sure that their client is fashionable without them having to lift a finger. 

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