5 Money-Management Tips From Today's Hottest Rappers

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Generally speaking, people do not consult rappers for financial advice. In fact, rappers rank at the bottom of that list. For example, take this line from Big Sean's “So Much More”:  "My teacher told me to get a job (and) save up for a 401k. Man, I’d rather be young and counting $401k”.>

Rappers encourage listeners to spend their money as fast as they can, and while they may be able afford this decadent lifestyle, the rest of us probably cannot. However, amid the barrage of horrible financial advice that rappers spew out on a daily basis, one can still find some wise money-management tips. Here are five money tips from rappers that may actually help you out.

5. Sell Where the Demand is High.

That money triple up when ya get it out of state.” – Rick Ross, “Aston Martin Music” from Teflon Don

Even Rick Ross understood basic economics back when he was on the street selling narcotics. When he took his product outside his state where the demand was higher he made triple his money. Sell where there is a demand.




4. Buy a Car, Don’t Lease.

We don’t lease, we buy the whole car, as you should.” – Jay Z, “Can I Live?” from Reasonable Doubt

You may not be able take out $30,000 in cash to pay for your car. However, strictly from a dollars and cents point of view, buying a car is better than leasing. At the end of your payment you will have something to show for your hard earned money.




3. Buy Used.

Fifty dollars for a t-shirt, that's just some ignorant *****!" – Macklemore, “Thrift Shop” from The Heist

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There are some things that you should never buy used. For example, no one should buy used underwear. However, Macklemore knows that you dont need to pay more for things that are perfectly fine used. Check out this list of things that are better when bought used.




2. Relocate.

Okay back when I was sleeping in my mama’s crib, even back then when I was up there in Mohammed crib. Paying $1700 for the rent, money well spent.” – J Cole, “Power Trip” from Born Sinner

“My mama’s crib” refers to a time when J Cole lived in Fayetteville, North Carolina with his mother. He enjoyed the benefits of living at home, such as free room and board, but decided to move to Queens, New York in pursuit of a rap career. Even though the rent was high, J Cole believes the money was well spent because in New York he found the right connections to land a deal with Jay Z’s record label Roc Nation.

Although the prospect of relocating to a new city might seem like a frightening challenge, it could also provide you with new opportunities that will help you make it big.


1. Prepare for Rainy Days.

I know this game got valleys and peaks, expectation for dips, for precipitation we stack chips” – Jay Z, "Can I Live?" from Reasonable Doubt

There is always a chance of precipitation. A young Jay Z knew that he could no longer be “Big Willie” with his money and knew the value of saving, unlike many of colleagues in the business. Maybe that is why he is still relevant in Hip Hop at age 43.

Life is unpredictable and a number of things are bound to go wrong: car accidents, parking tickets, illnesses, and etc. If you put away some money for those rainy days, they will hurt less when they do occur.

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