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5 Cannabis Companies We’re Thankful For on National Weed Appreciation Day

Here are five cannabis companies that have good reason to celebrate on National Weed Appreciation Day

National Weed Appreciation Day is about celebrating agriculture and taking time out to learn about different weeds and their benefits. While many weeds have been used for thousands of years for food and lauded for their ability to fight ailments, there’s really one weed in particular that most will have on their minds today: cannabis. This goes without saying after Canada announced that it will make marijuana legal starting July 2018.

So, it goes without saying that Cannabis is now the most important weed on the planet, and will be making many investors quite a bit of money this year. So, let’s look at a five cannabis companies that have good reason to celebrate today:

Marijuana Company of America (MCOA)

MCOA is a cannabis and hemp marketing and distribution company that intends to ship in the United States and internationally. The company recently signed a non-binding LOI with Bougainville Ventures, Inc. to house tenant growers in the State of Washington. The company has added a 900% return from a year ago. MCOA is working to acquire and partner with companies across the sector to provide patients and customers with a variety of cannabis strains to cannabis lifestyle products.

Aurora Cannabis (ACBFF)

Aurora is a Health Canada federally licensed producer, and the only one located in Alberta province. Alberta’s low expenses and power rates allow the company to produce and ship for a low cost. The company was the country’s fastest growing licensed producer in terms of sales and registered patients through 2016, and is in the process of completing Aurora Sky, an 800,000 square foot cannabis production facility. Aurora’s new facility will leverage technology and proximity to shipping hubs to boost customer service and expedite shipping. Aurora has also recently partnered with Radient Technologies (RTI:TSXV) to jointly develop high-grade and standardized cannabinoid extracts.

Cannabis Science Inc. (CBIS)

CBIS specializes in cannabinoid-based medicines that provide novel treatments to illnesses. The company partners with leading experts in research fields to help produce therapeutic options for patients. In January of this year, Cannabis Science announced a deal with the Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center to develop cancer treatments and a successful cannabinoid approved by the FDA. The joint research and clinical trials will work to refine existing knowledge on cannabinoids, their ability to fight cancer cells and improve the quality of life for cancer patients.

Veritas Pharma (VRT: CNX)

Veritas and its research arm, Cannevert Therapeutics are advancing the sector’s viability as a medical option for doctors. Committed to better understanding cannabis-based therapies, Veritas represents a crucial catalyst in the market: a company that can provide conclusive evidence on marijuana’s pharmaceutical value. Cannevert is in the process of acquiring its dealer’s license, and will then be one of the few laboratories in the country allowed to perform analytical testing and biological screening on cannabis.

Weed Inc. (BUDZ)

Weed Inc., formerly United Mines, a Nevada corporation, is a vertically integrated holding company with one of the lowest public floats in the green space at ~1.85 million shares. The company is led by its Founder and CEO Glenn E. Martin, who has 46 years of support and research in the cannabis space. The company’s goal is to form the highest quality cannabis agricultural centers that will raise the bar for the entire sector. The medical cannabis research is led by Karen Harland, WEED’s Chief Life Science Officer. Harland has been fundamental in securing the legalization of medical marijuana in Australia, and with WEED she is looking to discover treatments for autism, epilepsy, and other hosts of diseases and ailments. “WEEDs Cannabis Genome Project” is in the works for 2017 and all of WEED’s agricultural centers will be run by master growers who want to push cannabinoid technology further, according to company materials. Already, the company’s strains have been well-known around the world.

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