5 Airline Stocks That Have Soared This Year

Jacob Harper  |

A four day weekend is a special one indeed, and for many lucky people it’s a chance to get out there and see a bit more of the world. Maybe on a plane!

With plane-riding in mind we thought it might be interesting to spotlight a few American airline companies, and specifically looked at ones whose stock has risen in value this year.

Delta (DAL)

This Atlanta, Georgia-based airline is the busiest American airline in terms of takeoffs and landings and passengers moved. Delta was down .58 percent to hit $18.41 a share. But they’ve done well this year, up 55.10 percent so far on an adjusted profit of $1.55 billion in 2012.

American Airlines (AMR)

This airline is gearing up to merge with American Airlines and become the largest airline in the world. A San Francisco law firm just issued a challenge to the proposed merger, which sent their stock down. It dropped 0.48 percent to hit $4.15 a share, though they’ve had a meteoric rise this year, gaining 422 percent this year on ongoing excitement over the merger.

US Airways Group Inc (LCC)

US Airways, headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, as mentioned is eyeing a huge expansion. US Airways is set to gobble up competitor American Airlines and assume their name, unless the aforementioned merger challenge goes through. US Airways is up 1.95 percent to hit $16.75 a share. Their stock has gained 24.07 percent since January.

JetBlue (JBLU)

Smaller airline company JetBlue is lauded for their customer service, but it’s still not clear if that strategy is paying off. JetBlue hasn’t had a banner year financially, but they have been able to dig up a bit of a gain. They lost .96 percent of their value July 3 to hit $6.16 a share, but they are up this year a modest 7.69 percent.

Alaska Air Group Inc (ALK)

Analysts are high on this Seattle-based airline, citing their 32 percent increase in earnings last year. Their stock is down 0.25 percent to close out at $51.82 a share, though they’re up 20.26 percent this year.

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