4 Stocks Gaining on Market Weakness

Brittney Barrett  |

The market has been sinking fast, down over ten percent since the last week in July.  The S&P decision to downgrade the U.S. credit rating on Friday will surely only further exacerbate investor anxiety concerning the future of U.S. trade. The rising likelihood that the major U.S. indexes will continue to trend lower leads investors to question their own futures in the market.  Many may choose to cut their losses and exit the market, like droves of sellers on Thursday, while others may pursue a different strategy.  The persistence of the sliding indexes have allowed analysts to observe a consistency in terms of which stocks are being left unscathed or even benefitting from an otherwise unfortunate performance in the market. Among these companies is

Rubicon minerals (RBY): Rubicon owns the Phoenix gold project in Red Lake, Ontario, among Canada's most active gold producing areas.  The company shares this in commong with the highly prolific Goldcorp's (GTO).  There has been for the most part a divide between the price of gold and the price of miners but Rubison had been more successful than many of its competitors, up 14.3 percent since late July.

Green Mountain Coffee (GMC): Coffee has been among the most fruitful investments in recent memory with Green Mountain leading the pack. The company acquired Keurig, the popular pod coffee system commongly found in offices and has been on a roll ever since. Given the addictive nature of coffee, it's unlikely that even the worst economy could keep people, especially offices from forgoing their Joe. This could be at least a part of the reason that Green Mountain added around ten percent since the stocks began to recede around early July.

Multi-Color (LABL): LABL is up nearly 20 percent since the sell-off. The global label solutions company offers pressure sensitive labels, in-mold labels, shrink sleeve labels, and heat transfer labels in addition to glue-applied labels, i peel-away promotional labels, thermochromics, holographics, and metalized films. The company is attractive on myriad levels Multi-Color Corporation provides label solutions worldwide. It offers pressure sensitive labels, in-mold labels, shrink sleeve labels, and heat transfer labels, as well as glue-applied labels, including peel-away promotional labels, thermochromics, holographics, and metalized films. The company is attratice on myria levels in including impressive revenue growth, attractive stock price performance, good-looking valuation levels and solid operational cash flow. Unlike the U.S. itself the company's debt is manageable, perhaps adding to its appeal during this time.

Rosetta Stone (RST): While Rosetta Stone, the foreign language computer program lauded for its efficiency has not experienced the robust gains of some its competitors, the company did tack on in excess of 14 percent on Friday. Aside from the impressive performance on the final day of trading, Rosetta has exhibited extreme stability and a growing demand if America continues to have to engage more internationally as a consequence of economic weakness.

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