​4 Practical Tips To Help You Grow Your Investment Firm

Howard Goldstein  |

For many would-be entrepreneurs, an investment firm is the perfect dream. In addition to the usual perks of being a business owner – like setting your own hours and the flexibility to indulge in other activities not related to business – being an investor gives you the opportunity to learn and meet some of the smartest people across industries.

Plus, investors get to sidestep the massive pool of risk that comes with placing all your assets in one vehicle.

Don’t be fooled though.

Starting an investment firm is the easy part. Growing the company to sustainable levels is tricky, and many outfits don’t survive the first few months and years of existence, irrespective of initial investment capital.

Growing an investment firm requires careful planning and cobbling up the right set of resources – and not just cash – to handle additional operations and eventually scale.

By adopting effective strategies in the operation of an investment firm, owners can grow their ventures beyond the basic sustenance level. Below are tips that VCs, private equity funds, and other types of investment firms can adapt to help turn their ventures into the income-generating powerhouses of their dreams.


Developments in the fintech world have been disrupting many facets of the finance industry for years. Emerging tech trends such as artificial intelligence and blockchain have been changing the way investment companies operate, making it critical for investment firms to stay abreast of these technologies.

An investment firm can use emerging technologies to either improve in-house service delivery or to scrutinize how well a startup has made use of a specific tech trend. Innovative technologies can also help your company stand out and attract startups that are most likely to succeed, which will give your business serious mileage for long-term success.

Invest In Good Education

While your average entrepreneur won’t be a Harvard or Yale graduate, education plays a huge role in helping your company grow. It prepares individuals to be future entrepreneurs through the development of competencies for effective business practice in the real world.

Plus, a relevant and practical business certification will give any investor a chance to acquire innovative skills that they can use in the future for growth and productivity in their investment firms.

A good CPA certification course, for instance, can help an investor navigate different facets of accounting in the business world, which is critical considering the depth and breadth of the business worlds across different industries. If you’re in the market for a CPA or related certification be sure to compare courses and certifications on the internet, the biggest resource for anyone hungry for information.


Consistency is always a key component when it comes to building and growing an investment firm, or any other form of enterprise for that matter.

Warren Buffett, investor extraordinaire and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Group, has a had a consistent set of investment principles and structure that have seen his investment vehicle turn an annual gain of over 21 percent, more than double the figure for the S&P 500 with its 9.9 percent, over a 50-year period.

You can’t really go wrong with consistency when looking to grow your investment firm. Find what works and stick with it, remembering to keep invest in assets and businesses that align closest to your core business objectives.

Stay Focused

Focused intention requires self-discipline and the ability to avoid being distracted by everyday opportunities and events. Targeted behavior requires investors to critically explore their habits to determine what is best for the fulfilment of the firm’s overall objectives.

When operating an investment firm, it is crucial to decide on what you want to achieve and put effort and attention towards achieving it. The investment world is one that is often characterized by many distractions, especially with many emerging and evolving technologies currently spurring the emergence of new-age startups and assets.


Growing an investment firm is by no means an easy feat. But by making sound investment decisions and surrounding yourself with the right crop of professionals, being an investor can be one of the most rewarding endeavors for the average dreamer.

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