​4 Experts Give Advice on Getting Involved in the Rapidly Growing Cannabis Media Industry

Zoë Biehl  |

The cannabis industry is in a state of rapid transformation. As it continues to explode in growth and evolve in ways we can’t yet imagine, one thing is certain—all of these flourishing marijuana businesses require first-rate media teams to get their products and services out to the public.

Getting into this field includes some big challenges, like ever-changing regulations, unclear legal status, and interstate retail issues. But it also comes with huge rewards as well. The cannabis industry is poised to become one of the fastest growing media and advertising markets in the United States. Plus, working in this field means being a part of a market that truly improves people’s lives for the better—from aiding epileptic children to relieving the elderly from chronic pain.

If working in this new and exciting industry is something that interests you, this article is for you. We asked four cannabis media experts to share advice and give helpful information on this unique sector:

Krista Whitley, CEO of Altitude Products, a Las Vegas-based conglomerate of cannabis companies such as Social Media Unicorn, a canna-brand marketing & sales agency, and the Vegas Weekend Box, a monthly variety box of LV's top cannabis products

“I encourage any ambitious problem-solving ninja to dive into the cannabis industry because the opportunities are endless. The future of the cannabis industry demands

professionalism, expert execution, and creative strategists who believe with every fiber of their being that cannabis makes the world a better place."

Frank Lane, President of CFN Media, the leading creative agency and media network dedicated to legal cannabis

"One must possess an entrepreneurial spirit and patience to strive in any segment of today's cannabis industry. Little is certain, particularly in the United States with the current administration, but big upsides exist over time to profit from creating great companies and brands.

There is no doubt the industry will continue growing faster than most industries both in the US and internationally. The question is how will new entries navigate the onerous laws and regulations by state and country.

For media in the space, content is king and must exist before audience building. There is still time to build both before big media enters the space in full force and acquires established assets with installed user bases."

Jason Santos, CEO of Burn TV, a Netflix-type digital lifestyle and entertainment platform embracing the legal cannabis industry

"The biggest impact legalization has had on us at BurnTV, and cannabis media in general, is that it continues to become more normalized and accepted overall because people are more comfortable with it now since it no longer feels like they are doing something wrong. And with that acceptance comes both a demand and need for better representations of the industry through things like better content, better media, and better information.

This is why we feel media is one of the most exciting, if not the most exciting, sector around this massive industry just coming out of its shell. And if I was to give anyone any advice looking to get into cannabis-based media, it would simply be to focus on content that moves the industry forward and not backward."

Matei Olaru, CEO of Lift, Canada's most recognized cannabis media and technology company

"Media companies are in the information business, serving it up for different purposes—entertainment, education, journalism, etc.—in either text, audio or video. In cannabis, all media has an underlying and uniting purpose. Unlike other nascent industries which are generally hindered by a lack of information, the cannabis space is uniquely challenged by an overabundance of misinformation that's been perpetrated by 100+ years of prohibition.

It will be the frontline for changing stereotypes, redefining 'cannabis entertainment' for the masses, advocating informed consumption, spotlighting health trends like micro dosing and in general fighting 100 years of misconception. Nowhere else has this ever existed."

Sound like an exciting field you want to get involved in? Lift is hiring a number of positions for its media arm! Contact hello@lift.co with your resume.

Zoë Biehl is a writer, editor, and wandering anthropologist. She is senior editor at Psymposia Magazine, a writer for Time Out Israel, and does freelance writing and editing for clients across the United States and Israel, where she is currently living. By focusing on working with non-profits, Zoë hopes to use her skills to make the world a better place in whatever small way she can. She holds a degree in anthropology and sociology.

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