4 Disappearing Car Features

Olivia Clifford  |

As the auto industry continues to progress and there are more and more different types of luxury and everyday cars some of the original auto staples are phasing out of the new generations. With new and improved GPS technology, electric engines and voice-activated response there are no need for many car features. Below are the top four features that have gone extinct over the past couple years due to technological evolution.

1. Keys

The times of using metal keys to unlock and start a car are long gone. With the mass production of fobs and their new role in opening and starting automobiles are changing the need for metal keys all together. There are more and more higher end cars that are using fobs that automatically unlock car doors as you get close to the car. This then eliminates the need for drivers to even take the keys out of their pocket or purse, particularly with the start and stop ignition buttons.

2. Manual Transmission

Within the last year only 3.8 percent of cars that were either rented or bought had manual transmission. With the technology of automatic transmission becoming more efficient, less expensive and smoother the demand for manual transmission is falling off. 

3. Crank Windows

There are very few cars that you are going to find to purchase that still make use of crank windows. One of the only places that you would be able to find them are when purchasing stripped down cars. 

4. Antennas

As radio, GPS, and telephone signals are becoming stronger and more reliable with every generation the need for cars to have external antennas are dropping off drastically. The antennas are starting to become embedded in the lower rear windshields or in shark fin shaped attachments on the top of the car.

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