4 Advantageous Short-Term Investments for Individuals

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What’s the main difference between wealthy and poor? Why some people go from rags to riches in a couple of years, while others struggle to make ends meet for the rest of their lives?

Actually, that difference lies in nothing but mentality. If a person with the “poor” mindset is born in a rich family, they might lose their millions in a few days. And, otherwise, a person with the “rich” mentality might wisely invest a hundred dollars and get thousands in return.

The key word is “investment”, as “rich” individuals always seek the way to multiply their savings instead of spending them. If you belong to the same category and would like to know where to put your money to earn fast interest, there are four most beneficial short-term investments for you to make.

1.Prospective Mobile App or Website

Companies that don’t have a website surely become a dying breed in 2019. The development of the basic website is quite simple now, as you can create a free website for business using builders and only choosing the pre-made theme and customizing it according to your needs.

However, there is even more effective way to scale your business online: mobile app development. Also, a business may represent an app itself, offering some services or just being an entertainment app for smartphone owners. The combined revenue of mobile apps in App Store and Google Play is exponentially rising, demonstrating whooping 34% of growth for both platforms in 2017.

This is what makes an investment in a prospective mobile app or website very promising. It involves a fair share of risk but offers a high ROI in a case of success.

For example, the most accessible option is to back a mobile app is to invest in them through the crowdfunding platform like AppBackr or AppsFunder. AppBackr guarantees 27-54% of ROI depending on the app’s development stage, with the minimum contribution starting from $10-100. AppsFunder offers even better conditions that ensure you 200-400% of pure profit. You never know for sure if the app you backed succeed, but if it is, you will get a pretty nice return from this investment.

2.Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms

Another savvy investment for those who have disposable capital is to join the peer-to-peer lending platform. These services serve as an intermediary between the lender and the borrower, making the transaction safe and advantageous for both sides. The most viable platform among such is renowned Lending Club that offers 3-8% of yearly returns for its investors. According to their stats, 99% of diversified portfolios with over 100 separate loans are profitable, what makes this investment almost risk-free if you’re good at managing your portfolio.

The minimum investment at Lending Club is $1,000, while the smallest increment you can lend to somebody comprises as little as $25.

3.Certificate of Deposits

Certificates of Deposits (below — CD) are saving certificates with fixed interest and maturity dates issued by commercial banks. Unlike regular saving accounts that allow you to utilize your funds immediately, the access to CDs is restricted before the maturity date. In case you withdraw money before the CD matures, the bank charges you an additional fee. All those restrictions, however, are compensated by higher interest rates than savings accounts. Banks offerings usually include both long- and short-term CDs with a duration from 3 months to 5 years. The longer term means the higher interest.

4.Your Own Education

When we talk about investments, most of us imagine something that will bring you pure money in the end. Yet it’s not always about pure money. Sometimes, it’s more about intangible assets that will be able to guarantee you profits for the very long term — your own skills.

You can invest in education relevant to your current career path or acquire a skill demanded in the modern market. If you work as, let’s say, PHP developer, you can expand top-up your skillset with trendy AR/VR or blockchain development along with other skills needed for self-marketing — blog writing, video and infographic content creation, etc.

Thus, a few hundred dollars that you spend on learning a new course (you can attend it even virtually, on such online education platforms like Coursera, edX, or Udacity) might transform into thousands of annual income.


Any kind of investment always involves a risk of loss. Even if you just put your money in your savings account, there is always a slight likelihood of bank bankruptcy. But no risk, no reward.

Don’t be scared to make your first investment, just make sure you have prepared well for it and foreseen all possible outcomes. There is the golden rule: invest only the sum you can afford to lose and don’t put your eggs in the one basket. Follow it, and you have all chances to make your fortune.


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