3D Printer Voxeljet (VJET) Continues Hot Streak

Jacob Harper |

The German 3D printing company Voxeljet AG (VJET) saw significant gains on Nov. 18, continuing a run that began four days prior when the company released its first earnings report, which greatly trumped analyst expectations.

In their debut earning report, Voxeljet reported an 86 percent increase in revenue. Following the massive revenue increase, shares in Voxeljet surged, and the stock has gained nearly 30 percent since the report. It is up over 400 percent since its IPO in mid October.

Prior to the company's IPO, Equities.com’s IPO analyst Francis Gaskins put a “buy” on the company, citing rapid industry growth and comparative valuations.

Voxeljet first gained its place in the investment sphere’s consciousness after its printers were used to manufacture three Aston Martin replicas for the James Bond film Skyfall. Though the company is by no means just a propmaker, making three-dimensional prints in the medical, automotive, engineering, and the consumer goods sector.

The nascent 3D printing industry is gaining major traction with investors, as the capabilities of 3D printing provide the opportunity for wild growth. Organovo Holdings (ONVO) has excited those with an interest in the healthcare sector, as the company is working on synthesizing the demand for 3D printed products and organ tissue.

As they say, all boats rise in high tide, and with the rise of the 3D printing industry Voxeljet is rising high indeed. Voxeljet touched $68 a share early in trading on Nov. 18 before dipping slightly, hitting $66 a share near end of day for an 11.88 percent gain.

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Symbol Name Price Change % Volume
ONVO Organovo Holdings Inc. 2.71 0.03 1.12 707,300 Trade
VJET voxeljet AG American Depositary Shares each repres 3.12 0.04 1.30 116,253 Trade
KYOCF Kyocera Corp 55.50 0.00 0.00 0


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