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3 Successful Ways to Use AI for Your Company

AI empowers businesses using an all-around approach.
IRIS is a collection of vetted experts, in unique areas, that offer information and services to make managing your business and interacting with your clients more impactful. We honor and address entrepreneurial innovation with a platform that’s about helping you become more successful in business and life. Learn more here.
IRIS is a collection of vetted experts, in unique areas, that offer information and services to make managing your business and interacting with your clients more impactful. We honor and address entrepreneurial innovation with a platform that’s about helping you become more successful in business and life. Learn more here.

by Becky Holton for IRIS.XYZ

At the beginning of 2018, only 15% of all businesses have implemented AI into their strategies. In January 2019, that number is expected to rise to 31%, according to Towards Data Science.

The numbers tell us that more brands than ever are seeing the importance of business evolution. With artificial intelligence, you can accomplish so much more and improve your company in a multitude of ways.

Within the following sections, we will elaborate on the 3 most successful ways you can use AI for your business. Using this tech innovation, your marketing will soar to new heights.

Understand your Customers like Never Before

Artificial intelligence (AI) gives marketers one big advantage that they otherwise wouldn’t have. That benefit, of course, is getting closer to connecting your product to the wishes of your customers. Understanding audiences can be quite hectic because it’s hard to track real-time impressions from people that have an interest in your company. How can AI help?

Usually, marketers are obliged to manually follow channels and collect data in the best way they can. Notable ways to accomplish this are hashtags, Facebook groups, and reviews on the company’s website.

Artificial intelligence can be calibrated, so it automatically recognizes positive and negative impressions. Afterwards, you only have to look at the percentage and let the AI calculate the overall status. Knowing how your customers feel about the company’s services is one step closer to fulfilling your goals.

How impactful can AI be exactly? Let’s take a look at what Matt Cork, senior IT and papers editor at College-Paper has to say about the matter. “AI is so much more than gathering data – it saved valuable time you can use for creative endeavors. Instead of worrying about analyzing the data correctly, you can focus on collecting data and modeling. It makes things so easy.’’

It’s not just about data anymore – AI also give marketers and brands opportunities for hybrid integration. Using one AI software can expand the other tools within your arsenal.

For example, you can use AI-driven software to calculate the consensus about your brand on a yearly basis. Then, you just have to mix this data with proofreading services like UK Best Essays, Essay Writing Land or Proessaywriting. Automation combined with outsourced content creation is what creates winning campaigns.

Understanding boils down to these factors in particular:

  • Gathering the information
  • Combine the information with existing ideas
  • Outsource your content creation with verified proofreading tools
  • Repeat for an improved online presence

By helping marketers understand their customers, AI facilitates market research greatly. Moreover, it also decreases the workload of entire marketing teams and teaches them to delegate.

Create Better Customer Profiles and Improve Targeting

Every brand has to focus on targeted advertising. The reason for this lies in the importance of providing the solution to a customer’s problem. The majority of every audience buys out of necessity, rarely out of boredom.

Therefore, you have to gather sufficient data to know who you’re targeting with every campaign. Precisely executed campaigns not only save money, but they enhance your core of loyal customers.

As with everything in marketing, creating customer profiles can be a little tiring. Using AI-infused software, your company can analyze profiles much quickly with advanced filtering capabilities.

Instead of guessing, predicting and estimating. Here’s how AI can help you improve customer targeting and turning visitors into conversions. We’ll take the real-estate market as an example:

  • Before you list a property on your website, have the AI software scan all available websites.
  • Once it sees the average price, you can calibrate it to be more competitive.
  • When you’ve listed the property, the AI program can see which people tend to buy properties in that area and of that type.
  • With all that data gathered, you can run paid campaigns and allow the right people to buy your properties.

Again, AI gives you the opportunity to integrate with other tools. Google Analytics can be used to categorize information, but you can also kickstart campaigns using an assignment writing company. With the profiles you’ve created, you can create content in the right tone. Such precision would be impossible without AI.

Know When to Step in to Solve the Problem

Marketing is the basis when it comes to attracting customers. But what prevents customers from wanting to leave? Good customer service, of course. Customer service is known as one of the most demanding within any company’s structure.

Disgruntled customers often vent their frustration on your operators, subsequently abandoning your brand. But why, exactly? Brand abandonment (in relation to customer service) usually happens for these reasons:

  • Customers didn’t know where to ask for help
  • If they did, the response wasn’t quick enough
  • Even if the response was quick, the operator wasn’t able to solve the problem
  • Upper management got involved too late

Artificial intelligence can solve all four of these significant customer service problems. For instance, you can add a chatbot to your site. In this era, it’s important to know that AIs still don’t have the freedom or ability to act on their own. But this is how an AI-powered chatbot can be of use to your company.

  • It can pop up once the visitor enters your website for the first time.
  • A custom message from the bot can be sent to returning customers or registered users.
  • When customers report problems, they can categorize them easily.
  • If it’s a simple one, they can be automatically directed to the FAQ and solve the problem on their own. Customers love when they’re able to accomplish something without assistance.
  • In the case of a more specific problem, they can be directed to the right specialist immediately.
  • Your operatives won’t handle calls unrelated to their field and will, thus, be more productive.

Concluding Thoughts

Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy. However, it can help you gather data faster and more efficiently, before categorizing it and creating profiles. With more successful campaigns, you can also improve customer service and approach problems in real time. AI empowers businesses using an all-around approach.

Becky Holton is a real expert in education at EduGeeksClub. She has been working as a journalist for 7 years. She is a successful blogger who writes about education technologies, and marketing tips at AssignmentGeek. Follow her on Twitter.

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