3 Leapfrog Products I Wish Were Part of My Childhood

Destiny A. Lopez  |

I’m an ‘85 kid; and my childhood, spanning from the late eighties into the nineties, was pretty amazing. Us older millennials had the good fortune of growing up with the best after school TV lineup, classic Warner Brothers cartoons, and the rise of video games. Being among the generation that remembers a time before smartphones and (gasp) the internet, another big part of my childhood were educational games and books.

Before online databases, blogs, and applications, my mother would purchase me workbooks and trivia flashcards from a local educational store. Because I loved to read, weekly visits to one of the many accessible bookstores in Los Angeles were a must, as were subscriptions to childhood development magazines. While I will always cherish my days of BrainQuest packs and issues of Highlights, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate and give kudos to the next generation of educational toys. As a matter of fact, LeapFrog Enterprises Inc. (LF), an educational entertainment company, is at the forefront of innovating childhood education products. Their award-winning educational solutions are so impressive, even the most hard core nostalgic would have to say, “I wish this around when I was a kid.”

Here are three Leapfrog products I wish were part of my childhood:

LeapReader Junior

Designed for toddlers, the LeapReader Junior provides a personalized interactive experience while improving hand and motor skills. Children use their Puppy Pal to tap words and pictures in a LeapReader Junior companion book to hear letter sounds, words, and phonics songs.

The next generation of learners will be ready for preschool in no time.

LeapReader™ Reading and Writing System

A complete solution for learning to read and write, the LeapReader™ Reading and Writing System is designed with the environment in mind.

Not only does tapping the innovative pen on the page help the toddler sound out words and build vocabulary, the product provides a mess-free, and reusable easy to follow writing system.

Number Lovin' Oven

Although I did help my grandmother and mother in the kitchen beginning at a very young age, it’s not always the safest place to be for a small child. The Number Lovin' Oven is a singing oven that encourages sharing, and teaches vocabulary, time, and temperature.

Kids get to have fun learning in a safe, controlled environment, and parents don't have to worry about the traditional dangers of a real kitchen. Everybody wins.

The marriage of technology and education has been an infinitely beneficial union. Companies like Leapfrog are merging that union with product and software innovation. Thankfully, children, who are in their prime development years, have access to the next generation of interactive and effective educational toys.

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