2013 Most Popular Financial Management Applications

Olivia Clifford  |

When it comes to managing money in the 21st Century where technology reins supreme, phone and computer apps are becoming more and more important. With the addiction that many Americans have for instant gratification, there are many new money management companies that have broken into the app industry. While most work off a web based platforms, the smart phone apps are now the new wave of money management. These platforms are forming new ways to combine and manage all personal finances with the click of a button is an effort to simplify financial understandings and budgeting. The most talked about apps are listed in alphabetical order below. 

Bill Guard

This is an application that is designed to scan all of your credit card statements for random “grey charges”. It was designed for those who are not apt at pouring over there statements and finding the refunds that they deserve as well as helping settle billing disputes. So far they have gotten around $1.2 million in refunds for their customers. The application is free for users for up to 3 registered credit cards. 

Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA)

This is an application directed towards family budgeting. The application is established so that members of a family can share and place limits within an overall budget. It helps establish how much each member can spend and then provides feedback on the areas where the most money was spent. The application is web bases as well as being available as a free application for smartphones. 


This is an organization tool that allows the application users to monitor their credit cards while managing all their receipts. It has an organization function where the user snaps photos of their receipts and it files them all electronically. This combined with the link to an individual’s credit account allows them to monitor their financials completely electronically. The application is free from the app store. 

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This is an application that allows you to connect all of your accounts and it then analyzes your statements with the purpose of giving you helpful feedback on different ways to balance your budget and save. It is most credited for helping customers avoid bank fees. Unlike the other applications Hellowallet has a monthly charge of around $8.59 a month making it the most expensive of all the apps. 


 This application connects to all of your bills and accounts to allow you to have a better visual and easier access to avoid late fees. They even have an added capability of email or SMS reminders when payments are coming up. They are linked to the host website making online payment fast and accessible. This like many of the others is a free application from the app store. 


Mint.com is one of the most publicized free financial management applications. It creates and tracks an individual’s budget while sending bill reminders to avoid late payments. It has a clear display of how much an individual owes in credit debt, how much they have in cash and what they are spending their money on. 


This is a free application targeted at showing individuals the big picture when it comes to their spending and budgeting. It links all of an individual’s accounts into the one application connecting them so that you can see them all in one place. It highlights where the most spending is taking place and what accounts need to be paid attention to. 

There are many different routes that individuals have the option to go down when deciding what is best for their financial situation. These are all highly recommended and widely used apps that make managing finances as easy as sending a text message.


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