2 Techs that Look Appealing After Earnings

Brittney Barrett  |

Analysts hadn’t anticipated that level of growth having estimated $7.22 billion and $8.74 per share.

Addiionally the company appears to be lowering its operating income and becoming more efficient. Operating income accounted for 37 percent of the revenue. Last year that number was 40 percent.

Given this trajectory and the company’s strong history of innovation, Google looks like it could climb higher and become a stock like Apple that continues to add value on a long time-line.

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ClearWire Corp. (CLWR)-Shares of Clearwire have hemorrhaged this year, losing over 60 percent. The wireless broadband operator might be due for a comeback; however, as the latest results indicate shares of Clearwire may be oversold. The company reported Q3 earnings that far exceeded analyst expectations. Revenue for the past three months has sky rocketed 126 percent year over year, reaching $332 million, $10 million above the average analyst call.

In addition to adding strength in revenue the adjusted EBITA is expected to be 50 percent less than the second quarter's $108.5 million. Shares of the company were up 16 percent at last check after earnings and that number is likely to continue to rise as some analysts inevitably  upgrade the stocks on the basis of the latest growth.

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