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11 Easy Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Business

Are you using Instagram Stories for Business? If not why not?
IRIS is a collection of vetted experts, in unique areas, that offer information and services to make managing your business and interacting with your clients more impactful. We honor and address entrepreneurial innovation with a platform that’s about helping you become more successful in business and life. Learn more here.
IRIS is a collection of vetted experts, in unique areas, that offer information and services to make managing your business and interacting with your clients more impactful. We honor and address entrepreneurial innovation with a platform that’s about helping you become more successful in business and life. Learn more here.


Have you been thinking about using Instagram Stories for business, now is the time!

If you have used Instagram recently, you might have seen the multicolored circle around profile pictures.

That is the Instagram story icon.

Instagram stories are 15 second short videos, text or photos. They are available both to brand and users, and they expire after 24 hours.

Like most brands, you may be awestruck –

“Why do you need to post Instagram stories on your feed on a regular basis?”

The reality is that Instagram stories are the perfect promotional tool for your Instagram branding.

There is an abundance of content on this platform, and brands have to post on a regular basis to keep up with the competition.

Due to overload, your followers might miss your content in their feeds.

Instagram Stories display and populate differently than regular feeds, staging up with a rainbow circle around a brand’s profile picture.

Some Benefits Of Instagram Stories To Your Brand

  • Instagram recently launched interactive polls to their Stories.

These polls are a fun, frictionless way to engage with your fans and get their thoughts on any given topics. It is an excellent opportunity to get your audience’s two cents on a point or decision. And this can possibly save you time and money.

  • Stories allow you to go into detail about a promotion, sale or giveaway. You can also add a sneak-peek to a new product or blog post. With a single click, you can direct users to your story using the swipe action.

Unfortunately, this option is available for businesses with 10k followers only.

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In case you are not there yet, that is fine. You can still direct the users to the link in your profile. Don’t forget to update it based on the content you are promoting.

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” – @JeffBezos #InstagramStories #socialmediamarketing…

Innovative Ways To Use Instagram Stories For Business

1. Tease a live stream

Creators notify or tease their followers about live streams on other platforms, such as Facebook. Instagram Stories can also be used to cross-promote content to build up your audience. Cross promoting can further grow your other platforms where you don’t have a large following.

2. Countdowns

If you have an upcoming event or launching a new product, why not countdown for the big day? Countdowns build up momentum around the special day and enhance your follower’s interest.

They will be anxious to find more. And when it’s the big day, you have an audience ready to participate in your event or in purchasing your new product or services.

3. Effective Hashtags

On social media, hashtags are an essential factor. Selecting the right hashtag can either break or make your post. They have a significant impact on the engagement your post receives, and it can be a huge factor in deciding whether your content will reach the targeted audience or not.

4. Offer something exclusive

Using Instagram Stories for business can be an effective way to showcase sales each week. Or offer something unique and influence your follower’s buying intent. When you make a story, your followers get an alert in their feeds. Alerting them gives you an excellent way to boost your brand engagement.

5. Invite your followers behind the Scenes

Don’t be surprised how much your fans can be interested in peeping behind the curtain.

In this age where consumers are skeptical about traditional marketing, there’s honesty when you peel your layers off and take them behind the scenes.

Providing your fans behind the scenes footage of your brand builds and establishes a solid bond with them. Uploading engaging videos or photos to your Instagram Stories gives them that unique insight and humanizes your brand. These types of content can be as interactive and valuable as the regular content you share.

6. Take over

What are Instagram takeovers? This is when you and another brand work together and appear in each other’s Instagram stories. You can send a 10-second video or picture that your partner will upload to promote your brand. It is a great idea that encourages brands to think not only about themselves but also about their competitors.

7. Drive traffic to your website

Your Instagram Bio is the only real state you have to link out from Instagram. It can be challenging to drive people’s attention there. Luckily, there are two conversion principles to get the job done:

a. Call to action and affordance

A Call to Action is a direct instruction as to what move you would like your audience to make. Without this clear Call To Action, the default action of your target audiences will be to swipe to another post.

b. Affordance

Affordance offers a user signal that shows the folks which action should be taken and where their attention should be. Consider mentioning your own account or using an arrow to pointing to your avatar in the top left of your Instagram Story before telling your audience to check in your bio.

8. Instachat: Short Q&A

People are eager to hear what experts have to say about a situation or a topic. So, with Instagram stories, you can post a short Q&A. Post a video or photo to let your community be aware of short Q&As, including when it happened and what it’s about.

9. Show off your creative process

Use Instagram Stories for business purposes and show off your latest creativity. It may be a pre-design sketch or a video in which you visit the manufacturer behind your product. These types of Instagram Stories portray your creativity and builds a new level of credibility with your audience.

10. Deliver special offers

Do you want to know how to reward your followers? Add special offers as part of your Instagram Stories for business strategy. Instagram reported that Stories has increased the time users spend on the platform. Why not offer them discounts and coupons. Or organize Sweepstakes to increase the engagement they have with your brand?

Post a coupon to your Instagram story and state when the offer will expire. Add the URL to your Story (if you have up to 10k followers) or put it in your BIO.

11. Share Clips or headlines of your long form content

Another profitable way of using Instagram Stories for business is by sharing headlines from your long form content. Doing this can help in inviting your followers to read and consume your other content (blog post, PDFs, Cheatsheets, etc.) Or use them as a teaser to content on another platform. Always give your users a good reason to find out more and tell them what content is all about.

All in all, we have yet to see many brands take maximum advantage over Instagram stories for business purposes. This implies that there is less noise to compete with and more opportunities for your brand exposure. It is the perfect place to test out promotions or new ideas and see how things go if an idea fails!

Are you using Instagram Stories For Business? If not why not?

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