10 Sun Tzu Strategies for Startups

Gary C. Bizzo  |

Image: Sun Tzu, The Art of War. Source: Dreamscape Media

Yes, we are in a war, an invisible one, with the battlefield in hospitals and the warriors embodied by medical personnel.

In my world of startups and entrepreneurs, there's another war that exists today with battles hard to see and victims everywhere.

For many years business has been compared to two armies going to war. Sun Tzu, the famous fifth and sixth century BC Chinese general, is traditionally credited with The Art of War, a treatise on military strategy that has influenced global thinking. His observations and strategies have been taught in most business schools the world over.

After the virus is defeated or at least stymied, and people resume their business lives, there will be those who, for good or bad, will take the opportunity to grab territory, capture great employees from competition and jockey for a better position in the market.

Sun Tzu's strategies are perfectly good for business now, as they were for his successes in war.

Every time I read Sun Tzu, I gain so much from his strategies. There have been countless books translating his stratagems and interpreting how it can benefit 'the modern man.' It certainly is a strong business tool to be read and analyzed to fit your circumstances.

Gary Bizzo is CEO of Syphon Nanotech Inc., Bizzo Management Group Inc. and Bizzo Integrated Marketing Corp. in Vancouver. London-based Richtopia placed Bizzo on the Top 100 Global Influencers in the World for 2018. He is an Adjunct Professor of Integrated Marketing & Communications as well as Consumer Behavior at the New York Institute of Technology, MBA School of Management (Vancouver Campus). Gary can be reached at ceo@garybizzo.com.


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