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Mid Day Market Talk at Equities

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Major Indexes are down just over 1% today . The irony is that US based investors are stepping back during this first hour of trading and starting to look for value

Dow Chemical Co. (DOW) Falls 3.99% for January 04

Equities Staff | |

One of the S&P 500’s big losers for Monday January 04 was Dow Chemical Co. (DOW). The company’s stock fell 3.99% to $49.43 on volume of 7.65 million shares. The stock opened the day at 50.27

Ranking The Top Four Sectors for 2015

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The Consumer remained strong as QE continued to filter through the economy, both on the discretionary side and staples. Health Care stocks benefited from IT and technology. Telecom continued it's decline as customers cut the cord. Markets were flat whic

Overnight Markets Tank: Chinese Stocks Halted

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Overnight markets were getting crushed on the first day of trading for US investors. We wake up to limit down markets in China which drag down every index on the globe.

Outdated Circuit Breaker Rules Fanned Flame of Decline

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During the August pullback shares declined 12% across major indexes, and it happened hard and fast. Markets blew through all stop signs, stop loss orders, and circuit breakers like they didn’t exist.

About That NY Shareholder Liability Law that was Quietly Passed Last Week...

David Feldman | |

A new provision to New York corporate law was passed discreetly, just before Thanksgiving...but is it as nefarious as that implies?

Kelso Technologies Shares Rally as Products Named Best Available Safety Technologies

Andrew Klips | |

Two train derailments in Wisconsin this month have people again questioning the safety of trains. On Sunday, a Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) (CP:CA) train hauling crude oil, had 13 of its 110 cars

The New Fundamentals: Impact Investing is Smarter Investing

HIP Investor | |

Knowable-but-Ignored (ESG) Factors that Drive Valuation Since the financial crisis of 2008, mainstream investing’s reliance on indexing has resulted in index-based investment strategies

7 Tips for Picking the Best Dividend Stocks

Harry Domash | |

Here’s an idea: Buy stocks that pay you to own them! They’re called dividend-paying stocks, and if you pick the right stocks, you’ll make money, even if they don’t go up

Dow Chemical Co. (DOW) Pops 2.64% for November 21

Equities Staff | |

One of the S&P 500’s big winners for Friday November 21 was Dow Chemical Co. (DOW) as the company’s stock climbed 2.64% to $52.84 on volume of 14.19 million shares. The stock opened at


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