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​Will the Growth of the US Automobile Industry Continue?

Tina Roth | |

Can we count on continued auto industry strength? There are some positive signs...

Is a Bottom in the Offing for US Equities?

Peter Kenny | |

Investors have a lot to consider when it comes to investment in US equity markets...

Crude's Tumble Ushers in a Shift to Slower Global Growth

Peter Kenny | |

The first glimpses of a global reordering of sorts emerged in the energy space, particularly for crude...

​Oil Hit $32... But the Worst is Yet to Come

Harry Dent | |

Enjoy your savings at the pump while you can, because things soon going to get really bad...

A Good Trading System Made All the Difference in 2015

Harry Dent | |

If your portfolio is going to survive 2016, you'll need a well-researched strategy...

The Execution that's Creating Friction Between Saudi Arabia and Iran

Lou Brien | |

Shiite cleric Sheik Nimr al-Nimr has already led to protests and terrorism in the volatile region.

What Does the End of the Crude Oil Export Ban Really Mean?

Joel Anderson | |

The end of a policy that's been in place for nearly 40 years was ended with congress' spending bill. So what was the oil export ban really all about?

Oil Isn't Going Anywhere - 10 Stocks to Play the Sector

Bolton Flautt | |

Small-cap oil and gas stocks can often be an investor’s best friend, especially since simple economic theory of supply and demand drive oil prices up or down. Also, investors may want to

Is Oil Bouncing into Recovery?

Harry Dent | |

The global economy has $57 trillion more debt now than it did at the last bubble peak in 2008. The energy sector alone has $248 billion in junk bond debt – some of the riskiest

Gas Prices to Stay around $2 at Pump

Steve Kanaval | |

Oil No Longer a Flight to Quality Many don't know that the original flight to quality for traders was the 30-year treasury bond. Further still, many don't correlate the rise in oil prices


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