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The Unrelenting Bear Market Continues for Natural Gas

Joseph Cioffi | |

Nothing has been more unrelenting a bear market than the one we have seen in natural gas. Every line in the sand from $3.00 to $2.50 to $2.00 has given way to lower and lower prices. This new

Higher Oil Prices on Horizon

Gordon Scott | |

It doesn’t take much to guess that oil prices will rise. But if you look ahead in time from the current point in time on a chart, you can seem something bubbling up on the right edge of the

A Closer Look at Fracking

Joel Anderson | |

Hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking, was in the news again Thursday when an EPA report came out that may link the controversial practice to groundwater pollution in Wyoming. Fracking

Oil Companies with a Chance to Grow

Joel Anderson | |

Markets around the world seem to be at the whim of the Yo-Yo that is news out of Europe, but one market in particular has been notably affected of late: crude oil. Crude oil prices tend to be

Onshore Drillers Bullish Outlook

Dan Steffens | |

The ongoing volatility in the stock market is affording investors with an opportunity to invest in high quality oil & gas producers and oilfield service companies at a deep discount to their

Oil and Gas Majors Stoked by Greek Hope and Earnings

Brittney Barrett | |

Oil and gas companies have been having a landmark week as M&A within the sector comingles with the rising price of crude oil. Earnings for some of the top companies in the sector next week

Oil Falls Below $80 Per Barrel, Oil Companies Follow

Brittney Barrett | |

Crude-oil futures slumped once again on Friday as fears over the state of the global economy push it down close to 10 percent for the month of September. For the quarter, oil has slid 16 percent

Is Now the Time to Invest in Oil?

Brittney Barrett | |

Crude-oil futures plummeted to near $80 a barrel today in morning trading as investors sold oil, alongside other commodities, to negate declines in equities. Current prices are at their lowest

Oil Falls but Natural Gas Rises

Brittney Barrett | |

Energy gains earlier in the session disappeared in Thursday afternoon trading following negative speculation on theU.S.payroll report expected for release tomorrow. The highly anticipated data is

Onshore Drillers on Track for Solid 3rd Quarter Results

Dan Steffens | |

Over the last two months we have seen a significant increase in the North American active rig count.  The E&P companies in our coverage universe have significantly expanded their capital


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Blockchain in Mobility - Discussion at the EU Parliament

From the recent Blockchain For Europe Summit in Brussels: Panel on Mobility and Transportation