Personal Finance

The End of Risk-Free Retirement

John Mauldin | |

Neither you nor a massive pension plan acting on your behalf can generate enough risk-free income to assure a comfortable retirement.

Today’s Real Estate Trends Will Help You Predict Tomorrow’s Real Estate Market

Desireé Duffy | |

What’s in store for the Real Estate market in 2019? Rising interest rates and the slow growth of home prices have many people nervous. You may even feel paralyzed to act.

Exploring the Role of Loans in Personal Finance

Due | |

There are those who love using loans, and those who hate using loans, but the smartest financial plays generally take place in between these two.

Not Maxing Out Your 401(k) or IRA Contributions Is Stupid

Jared Dillian | |

Only 41% of people contribute to a 401(k) when they have the option to do so.

​The Powerful Tax Benefits of Private Real Estate Investing: Highly Compensated Individuals, A Case Study for RIAs

MLG Capital | |

Sophisticated tax planning is not a “DIY” activity: like the other aspects of your wealth preservation plan, you should leverage your personal CPAs to help you build a tax-efficient strategy aligned with your objectives.

How to Make Money on Your House

Rodney Johnson | |

Knowing where you stand in this bifurcated real estate market can help you determine your options down the road.

Dangers in the Real Estate Market

Harry Dent | |

We are witnessing growing signs of “mortgage stress” in the real estate market.

​Fund Platforms Provide New Access to the World of Private Real Estate Investing

MLG Capital | |

Fund offerings can eliminate unrelated business taxable income (UBTI) and multi-state filings.

Dangers in the Real Estate Market

Harry Dent | |

Beyond skyrocketing prices in San Francisco and New York, there is a bigger problem brewing in middle class cities.

A Path to Good Income Inequality

Rodney Johnson | |

It’s not that I want average workers to earn less… I’m just hoping that a top earner can make more.


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