FINRA Requires Link to BrokerCheck on Retail Broker Sites

David Feldman | |

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) regulates US broker-dealers, a “self-regulatory organization” run by the brokers themselves and overseen by the SEC. A very popular

The 5 Steps to Maximizing Real Estate Investing Potential

Ben Stoodley | |

When it comes to investing, there are many questions that frequently lead to added stress, and unfortunately, missed opportunities. One of these questions that many real estate investors struggle

Don’t Increase Your Spending When You Have Extra Money

Modest Money | |

“Living Beneath Your Means”. That’s a phrase that gets thrown around a lot when personal finance blogs talk about frugality. But it applies equally to people who have attained

Congress' Solution for Infrastructure Funding? Use Your Money

Rodney Johnson | |

It's no secret that America's highways and bridges are in shambles, and the overall transportation system is in desperate need of funding. What’s troubling is Congress' latest

What Does an Expensive Wedding Really Cost You?

Dennis Miller | |

“Are you kidding me?” I was dumbfounded. I was on the Lending Club website. Someone with a poor credit score wanted to borrow a lot of money (enough for a good down payment on a

Should You Invest When You Are in Debt?

Modest Money | |

This is a complicated topic – and one that allows for some wiggle-room. If you want a short answer to the question, “Should I invest if I have debt?”, here it is: Don’t

The Great and Powerful Deflation Will Destroy All Bubbles

Harry Dent | |

It’s not enough that jobs are less stable, or that the ones we’re adding are increasingly more part-time… It’s not enough that rapidly growing student loan costs are

Do High Fees Necessarily Lead to Lower Returns?

Wesley Gray | |

Regardless of your financial philosophy, nobody can deny a simple empirical fact: higher fees are associated with lower returns, on average (Here is a great paper by Ken French on the costs

Financial Planning: How a Reverse Mortgage Can Help

Alberta Lim | |

Sixty-six year old Lisa M. is the epitome of a happy and prosperous senior homeowner.  With a successful acting career and paid-off home in sunny Los Angeles, California, she enjoys an active

I'm Not Trying to Get Rich; I’m Just Trying to Keep From Getting Poor!

Dennis Miller | |

My friend Allan is not prone to rant, but he was on a roll. “I’m serious, I’m no longer trying to get rich, I’m just trying to keep from getting poor!” His tone

Blockchain in Fintech - Discussion at the EU Parliament

From the recent Blockchain For Europe Summit in Brussels: Panel on Financial Market Infrastructure