Things to be Missed During Government Shutdown

Young Rae Kim | |

The Government Shutdown has been in full-effect for over a day now, and with no end in sight, but what does that mean to the average American? Many services and agencies are now closed as a result

Lyft, a Cheaper Way to Get Around Town?

Young Rae Kim | |

Cars sporting pink fluffy mustaches on their front grills are popping up with increasing frequency in major cities around the United States. Those pink mustachioed-cars are the trademark of Lyft,

Panera Bread CEO Lives Off of $4.50 a Day

Young Rae Kim | |

In an attempt to raise awareness about hunger in the United States, Panera Bread Co. (PNRA) CEO Ron Shiach is living off of $4.50 a day and blogging his experience. “For one week,

Are Expedia Deals Always a Great Deal?

Andrew Klips | |

Editor's note: The following is a firsthand account of a recent experience with's booking system from writer Andrew Klips. As any good marketer would do, (EXPE)

Should NFL Fans Switch to DirecTV?

Young Rae Kim | |

Time Warner Inc. (TWX) and CBS Corporation (CBS)  ended their ongoing feud just in time for the start of the NFL season. Although the dispute is now over, Time Warner did not come out

How Madden 25 Teaches Gamers Real Life Money and Business Lessons

Young Rae Kim | |

On August 27 Electronic Arts Inc. (EA)  released Madden 25, so named  in celebration of its 25th anniversary. While videos games sometimes have the reputation of being a waste of

Are Your Facebook Friends Damaging Your Credit Score?

Young Rae Kim | |

According to CNN, your Facebook (FB)  friends could now affect your credit score. The majority of lenders have traditionally depended on credit scoring agencies such as FICO, who base their

No More Tipping?

Young Rae Kim | |

If you've ever been to a restaurant or a bar and were confused about how much to tip your waiter, there might be good news for you. The owner of Sushi Yasuda, a Japanese restaurant in New

5 Money-Management Tips From Today's Hottest Rappers

Young Rae Kim | |

Generally speaking, people do not consult rappers for financial advice. In fact, rappers rank at the bottom of that list. For example, take this line from Big Sean's “So Much

How to Have Fun in Your 20s and Not Go Broke

Olivia Clifford | |

Everyone will tell you that the best thing to do during your 20s is to start developing good saving and budgeting strategies that you can keep with you through your life. Though the sentiment is

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