Investing Tax Deferred in Crowdfinance Assets through MyRAs

Dara Albright | |

During last week’s state of the union address, President Obama unveiled a new affordable retirement account, ‘MyRA’ aimed at helping more Americans build a nest egg. The

Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s Alleged $10 Million Super Bowl Bet and a Look Back at His Best Wins

Joe Goldman | |

The world champion boxer and king of sports gambling has reportedly put down his biggest bet ever on this Sunday’s Super Bowl. When it comes to sports betting, Floyd “Money”

10 Pillars of Financial Independence

Dennis Miller | |

Young folks can usually digest a difficult message more easily when it comes from someone who is not: (a) their parent; (b) their teacher; nor (c) anyone else whose lectures they are sick of

Some Lessons Just Need to Be Learned the Old-Fashioned Way

Dennis Miller | |

My wife Jo and I spent a weekend last fall at our daughter Holly's house, enjoying time with our two young grandchildren, three-year-old Brock and eight-year-old Braidyn. With two young boys,

How to Overcome Your Fear of Money Management

Dennis Miller | |

A good friend who recently inherited a few million dollars asked: “Why am I scared to death?” The death that precipitated the inheritance aside, he should have been pleased with his

Essential Personal Finance Lessons From Three Holiday Classics

Jacob Harper | |

The 2013 holiday season is right around the corner, which means it's time to crank out the yearly Christmastime traditions:drinking egg nog, eating egg nog ice cream, drinking egg nog with egg

Make Your Donations Count: How to Maximize Your Charitable Gifts This Holiday Season

Michael Teague | |

Last October and November, the Northeastern US was rocked by Hurricane Sandy, a new class of “super storm” that caused unprecedented destruction and the loss of hundreds of lives as it

Dividend Stocks: Equities With a Change Jar

Jacob Harper | |

Stocks can be sliced and diced any number of ways, but there’s one clear division that neophyte investors trying to save money should be aware of: dividend stocks versus non-dividend stocks.

Cowboy Dez Bryant Buys PlayStation 4 Consoles for Walmart Shoppers

Andrew Klips | |

The Dallas Cowboys are on a bye this week. Dez Bryant was on a buying spree last night in Dallas. If Sony Corporation’s (SNE) PlayStation 4 hasn’t received enough hype heading into

For Some Colleges, Your Scholarship May Not Be Enough

Young Rae Kim | |

More colleges are starting to require students to pay for tuition, even if they receive a full scholarship. According to a survey conducted in September by the National Scholarship Providers

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