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Homebuilder Stocks Fall on Housing News

Brittney Barrett | |

Shares of homebuilders declined on Tuesday following new reports highlighting the decline of U.S. home prices in 19 of 20 major cities on the carefully analyzed housing index.Analysts anticipate

Market Roundup

Brittney Barrett | |

After a slow open on Tuesday, the market pushed higher on news that consumer confidence is on the rise again. Home Depot was leading the way in the morning up 2.7 percent by midday. All three

S&P Downgrades Portugal and Greece

Brittney Barrett | |

Standard & Poor's announced Tuesday that it had downgraded its sovereign credit ratings for Portugal and Greece. The move compounds the existing pressure on the nations as they both attempt to

Mid-day Stock Market Roundup: Stocks Rise on Consumer Confidence Report

Brittney Barrett | |

Stocks were climbing at midday on the news that consumer confidence declined less than some analysts had believed.In morning trading, Home Depot Inc. was a big winner, rising 2.7 percent, more

Watch Today's Rally for Clue to Near-Term Direction

George Brooks | |

Today: Some consolidation here would be healthy after an eight-day rebound from the March correction lows. Stock-index futures indicate a mixed-to-marginally positive open. Any upmove today

Berkshire Hathaway Defends 5 "Undervalued" Labels on Stocks

Brittney Barrett | |

Warren Buffett's company, Berkshire Hathaway, declared five of the stocks it holds in its portfolio undervalued in a discussion with regulators.  The stocks were Wells Fargo & Co., Kraft

Market Round-Up

Brittney Barrett | |

All three major U.S. indexes performed weakly on Monday with the Dow Jones closing down 22.71 points of 0.19% to 12,197.88. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 slipped 3.61 points or 0.27% to close at

GE: Are Corporate Tax Savings Great for Investors?

Henry Truc | |

Last week, the New York Times raised quite a kerfuffle over corporate tax loopholes in the United States, particularly that of General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE). The company, which is one of the

The Second Coming of Dot-Coms

Brittney Barrett | |

Technology funds have been all the rage of late, with banks tossing money into them with an enthusiasm last seen during the dot-com boom. Many investors are looking to get a piece of the start-up

Mid-Day Stock Market Roundup: Stocks Trade Up

Equities Editors Desk | |

U.S. stocks inched up in mid-day trading today as positive economic reports helped to ease the uncertainty of the financial markets. Consumers seem more willing to spend, which is an encouraging


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