Investors Trimming Risk Ahead of Economic Data

Scott Redler | |

Stock futures are marginally lower Thursday morning as it seems investors are ready to wait for two big economic numbers that kick off each month. Because the 1st day of the month comes on a

Match Your Trading Strategy to the Market Style

Gordon Scott | |

Married men know how to adjust. Ask any man who’s been married more than a couple of years and he will tell you that it goes without saying that his approach and manner must instantly adjust

For Fundamental Traders, Fundamentals Matter!

Jordan Kimmel | |

Despite being a big believer in fundamentals, I also believe that emotions rule the markets over the short term. While a trader needs to mostly concern themselves with charts, an investor needs to

How to Trade New Fledgling Rally

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Asian markets sink over 2 percent on a Moody's downgrade of Japan's credit rating to 'Aa3,' reflecting deteriorating credit quality across developed nations. As a result, several Japanese banks

The Weakest Markets Help You Find the Best Ideas

Jordan Kimmel | |

Remember what Darwin taught us: the most adaptive thrive and survive.The market often does its best to confuse the herd. Right now, I hear a near-consensus that it is a good time to avoid all

Expect to See More Buyouts and Share Buybacks with Prices Depressed

Jordan Kimmel | |

Like a live wire or a football, this market is bouncing around in a way that has even the best chart readers are confused. When that happens, and volatility explodes, it is best to trade smaller-

Investors Should be Greedy During Pullbacks

Jordan Kimmel | |

This current sell off- or bear raid- makes trading opportunistic, but difficult for most. It also gives a great opportunity for longer term investors to add to their best stocks.Stocks listed in

Selling Climax Possible - Friday - Monday

George Brooks | |

Brooksie's Daily Stock Market blogThursday, August 11, 2011   9:03 am EDTDJIA: 10,719.94    S&P 500: 1120.78The tag- team of  uncertainty and fear are taking turns to  roil all markets


Gordon Scott | |

The serious market sell-off may have come to an end Wednesday. While there still may be more selling yet to come, it may become more choppy with a more even distribution of buying and selling

Anatomy of a Trade/Investment Gone Bad

Jordan Kimmel | |

It’s easy feeling good when your ideas are doing well, but it is just as important to feel your ideas gone bad. Ignoring a toothache is a bad idea. You want to avoid waking up in the middle of

Blockchain in Fintech - Discussion at the EU Parliament

From the recent Blockchain For Europe Summit in Brussels: Panel on Financial Market Infrastructure