Us Stocks Seem To Be Following Our Predictions – Get Ready (Part I)

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As we near the important date of August 19, 2019, and we watch how the markets are reacting based on our earlier predictions...

Silver Should Pause At $16.75 Before Next Rally Starts

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Our advanced Fibonacci price modeling system is suggesting that the current Silver rally may be nearing a point where the price will pause...

Bearish Move in Oil Sets Up Two New Energy Trades

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We believe the move lower in crude oil is related to a supply glut that continues to plague the global markets.

Crude Oil Should Breakdown to $51 Early This Week

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...predictive modeling system is predicting that Crude Oil will break recent support levels near $55...

Silver Price Target during the Next Bull Market

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Historically, when the Gold vs. Silver ratio reaches an extreme level, and precious metals begin to rally, a reversion within the ratio takes place...

Black Hole In Global Banking Is Being Exposed

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...Deutsche Bank has $49 trillion dollars in derivatives exposure, making it the single greatest danger to Europe...

What Could The Next Gold Rally Look Like? Part I

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...we believe Gold will rally to levels near or above $1560 and attempt to set up another “Momentum Base” somewhere between $1560 and $1640.

Crude Oil Breaks Down – Target $40

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Oil prices may attempt to find very brief support near $55.25...

Gold and US Stock Election and Decade Cycles

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There are several very intriguing things unfolding right now which are interconnected in ways you may not have known.

Double Top In Transportation and Metals Breakout Are Key Topping Signals

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Our researchers identified this critical Double-Top pattern in the Transportation Index after a very strong price rally...

Blockchain in Healthcare - Discussion at the EU Parliament

From the recent Blockchain For Europe Summit in Brussels: Panel on Digital Health - How Blockchain technology can make health care systems more patient-centric and sustainable