The Russell and Transportation Tell A Completely Different Story

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...all traders should follow the US Dollar, Gold, Silver, Oil, VIX...

ADL Predicts Oil Prices Will Fall Below $40

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Ultimately, Oil prices will fall below $40 ppb following our timeline and could begin a broader downside move before the end of October 2019.

Dow Jones May Have Already Bottomed But SP500 & Nasdaq Have Further To Go

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...YM may have already reached its lowest point and may begin to form a bottom near the 26000 levels.

Oil, Precious Metals, And US Market, All With Very Different Trends

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...US markets are closing in on a very important level...

Downside Price Rotation Dominates After Manufacturing Data

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The US manufacturing data released today confirmed what we believed...

S&P 500 and GDXJ Trend Signals Posted Today

Chris Vermeulen | | the precious metals sector we are up over 42% alone just for the precious metals plays alone this year.

Predictive Modeling Suggests Broad Market Rotation In The NQ And ES

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...NQ (NASDAQ) and ES (S&P 500) may engage in some relatively broad market rotation over the next few weeks.

Fibonacci Predictive Modeling Suggests Price Volatility Will Continue

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Today, we are sharing both Daily and Weekly chart highlighting our proprietary...

Bitcoin Price Collapse Continue For Many Months

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Our research suggests price will find support near $7900, then $5571, then possibly just above $2000.

Recorded conversation with analyst on Gold, Silver, Crude Oil

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Chris gets interviewed by Featuring Oil, Silver, and Gold!


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Can the Media Solve the Partisan Conflict?

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