Technical Analysis

One Step Closer to Confirming That August Low Is In

Ricky Wen | |

We're in a higher volatility market with a bigger range, but we're closer now to confirming the August low.

Negative Yields Tell A Story Of Shifting Economic Leadership

Chris Vermeulen | |

...suggests that safety is more important than returns...

The Market Has Gone Nowhere in the Last Twelve Months

Avi Gilburt | |

And things may get worse before they get better.

August 19 Turn Date is Tomorrow – Are You Ready?

Chris Vermeulen | |

...the start of something that could last for more than 5 to 12+ months.

Today's Stock, Metal, and Energy Forecasts - Aug 16 2019

Chris Vermeulen | |

Take a look at today's market summary!

4 Stocks Breaking Out After Earnings

Harry Boxer | |

Strong technical momentum aligning with upbeat earnings.

PART II - Silver, Transports, and Dow Jones Index At Targets - What Direct Next?

Chris Vermeulen | |

Currently, we are creating the Wave 3 of the total of 5 waves that will complete a finished upside Wave (Leg 1).

Dow Plunge, Gold, Bonds Rally - AUDIO PODCAST

Chris Vermeulen | |

In early June I posted a detailed video explaining in showing the bottoming formation and gold and where to spot the breakout level...

PART 4 - Global Central Banks Move To Keep The Party Rolling

Chris Vermeulen | |

It is very likely that this rotation event will create incredible opportunities for skilled technical traders...

Global Central Banks Move To Keep The Party Rolling – Part III

Chris Vermeulen | |

...highlight what we believe may turn out to be an incredible “setup” in the global markets.


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