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GBP/USD: Sterling Depends on Parliament's Sequencing

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GBP/USD may surge if UK opposition parties win another victory. Sequencing of bills is critical to the next moves. Wednesday's four-hour chart shows a critical "do or die" resistance line.

Understanding Trading Risks Is Crucial For Your Success

Chris Vermeulen | | risks explained in laymen terms...

Global market Chaos means Precious Metals will Continue to Rise

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...metals markets are poised for a very big run...

GBP/USD: Three Scenarios for the Brexit Showdown

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The government and the opposition battle for Brexit in a dramatic showdown. The most likely scenario is a victory for the opposition and elections on October 14. GBP/USD has already cracked 1.2000.

Could Hong Kong Disrupt China & The Global Markets Further?

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Hong Kong, being a strategic source of income and business for the western world, has been disrupted...

S&P500 Candlestick Pattern On Friday Signals Price Breakdown

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Until price confirms otherwise, our believe is that price will attempt to move lower...

Transportation Index Points To Stock Markets Weakness

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The recent news that the US and China will restart trade talks resulted in a fairly large upside price rotation...

GBP/USD: Big Brexit Battle Begins

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A dramatic week in British politics kicks off with Johnson's threats of ejections from the party. The opposition will try to block a hard Brexit and the government may call elections.

Energy Sector Setting Up For Another Big Trade

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If our research is correct, this move will come at a time when global markets are expecting must slower economic activity and/or a massive supply glut in Oil.

Markets Ready to Pop, But Up or Down?

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In short, you should be starting to get a feel of where commodities and asset class is headed for the next 8+ months.


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