Technical Analysis

Where Is This Market Headed?...

Mike Turner | |

The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 6.4 percent last week; the worst performance in three years.Stock prices, on average when compared to expected future profits, are now nearly as low as they

Resurgent Greek Default Fears Send Futures Down 2%

Scott Redler | |

US stock futures are down nearly 2% Monday morning mainly due to resurgent fears about a possible Greek debt default. Last weekend, Greece was able to avert a bond default, and it triggered

Is a 'Head-Fake' in the Making?

Mike Turner | |

For the most part last week, I sat on the sidelines. My managed accounts were 30% short going into the opening bell on Monday, with the balance in cash. The market conveniently dropped at the open

What the Elves Have to Say...

Mike Turner | |

The Bull-to-Bear ratio is 7-to-1 in favor of the Bears for this week. The Turner CrossOver Oscillator Composite of Signals (black) line continues to indicate a bottoming is in play. The Short Sell

Why All the Flip-Flopping?

Mike Turner | |

I received a snarky email this week, though it was not directed to me, but to my support staff. Had it been directed to me, I would have liked to have said to this person... "You really need to

How to Stay With Your Trend

Gordon Scott | |

Anyone who has been trading or investing for a little while quickly comes to this realization: knowing when to exit the trade is just as important as knowing when to get in to a trade.  In truth

Jobs Stimulus Plan Fails to Stimulate China Stocks

Gene Linn | |

China stocks in Hong Kong opened higher after President Barack Obama proposed a US$445-billion job stimulus package. Investors considered the news "moderately positive" because the amount was

"To the Cliff!"

Mike Turner | |

There is a scene in the movie, "300", where the Spartan king, Leonidas is in an epic battle and commands his small army to push forward, forcing the enemy to back up toward a cliff. In this scene,

How to Make Weak Hands Strong

Gordon Scott | |

A time-honored adage in the investing world says that when markets bottom out, money changes hands. The thinking goes along the lines that the weak hands panic and sell when the strong hands move

Is the Risk Trade ON... or... OFF?

Mike Turner | |

In the stock market... risk is NEVER off...Below are some interesting and, in some cases, somewhat disturbing 'factoids': Every time the GDP has dropped more than 2% in one year, our country has


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