Mario Draghi Roils Markets with ECB Announcement

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While European Union members were in an all important meeting that will address the proposed treaty changes from German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, markets

Equities Sector Coverage: Stocks Flat As Europe Remains on Center Stage

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average traded between 12060.37 and 12202.23, until a late day rally reached a high of 12557.67. The NASDAQ traded between 2612.80 and 2649.59, until a late day rally

Sarkozy and Merkel Reach New Agreement

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News that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy have reached an agreement on amending the European Union treaty as part of a more comprehensive plan for settling the

Jobs Numbers, Europe Rumors Help Markets Finish Strong Week

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The major indices were all up modestly today, capping the best week for stocks since 2008. Today's gains were largely connected to the newest jobs report that showed unemployment dropping to 8.6

Fed Steps in as Central Banks Worldwide Take Action

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Markets spiked today on news that the Central Banks of the United States, Canada, England, Japan, Europe, and Switzerland are taking a coordinated action to improve liquidity in global financial

Equities Sector Coverage: Wall Street Plunges on More EU Turmoil

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average opened below its 200-day simple moving average at 11,976 trading to a day’s low of 11,736.93 in afternoon trading. The NASDAQ gapped below its 200-day simple

Italian Bond Yields Soar, Financial Shares Sink

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Yields on Italian treasury bonds soared past the 7 percent mark, considered by many investors and analysts to be a crucial threshold, reaching 7.46 percent for 10 year notes. As the price of

China Stocks Gain from Lower Inflation

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Encouraging news on Chinese inflation helped China stocks post solid gains in Hong Kong Wednesday. However, weak turnover suggested the push from falling inflation is limited, especially with

Equities Sector Coverage: Late Surge Helps Market Grab Gains

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average traded up from 11,965.23 up to 12,051.28 versus its 200-day simple moving average at 11,975 then declined to 11,880.69 before recovering above the 200-day into the

Euro Banks Keep Getting Hammered

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Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou shook financial markets worldwide today with the shocking announcement that he will submit the European bailout plan, created in a deal reached on Oct. 27,

World Economic Forum at Davos 2019 - Ben Yablon Executive VP Salt Lending

Matt Bird sits down with Ben Yablon - Executive VP of Salt Lending - at the World Economic Forum in Davos January 2019