Weak Rebound Ahead for Hong Kong

Gene Linn | |

The frightening expansion of the Japanese nuclear crisis drove Hong Kong sharply lower along with other global markets. Hong Kong stocks are battered enough that they could rebound next week,

George Brooks: BIG Money Buying?

George Brooks | |

Yesterday’s “Up – Down – Up” didn’t have a chance, trumped by a worsening in risks rising from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant as well as, ugly reports for February Housing

Japan Quake Adds Volatility to Hong Kong Market

Gene Linn | |

The massive earthquake in Japan and resulting tsunami rocked a Hong Kong market that was already fluctuating widely due to spikes in oil prices. Oil continues to be the big story for China-related

5 Maps That Explain the Battle for Mosul

George Friedman | |

This will be a bloody example of urban warfare.


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