China Stocks Not Ready to Break Out -- Yet

Gene Linn | |

Wow. After week after week of boring movements and puny turnover, Chinese stocks broke out on Tuesday. Or did they?In the last three weeks Hong Kong’s blue chip Hang Seng Index edged up 0.3%

Equities Market Roundup: Stocks Give Back Gains

Equities Editors Desk | |

U.S. stocks returned from a three-day holiday weekend with positive gains in early trading but have since seen those numbers drop off. Investors showed optimism, hoping progress was being made in

Don't Buy the Open - Upside Limited - For Now

George Brooks | |

Buying a strong open has its risks, one of them being that an investor will end up paying the high for the day and days to come. I see today’s strength as “technical” with potential for

China Stocks' Big Gain Not Likely to Continue

Gene Linn | |

Chinese stocks enjoyed a sharp, unexpected rise Tuesday as the A-share market ended an eight-day losing streak with a vigorous rally.  Long-term prospects, after inflation is quelled, still look

Purchasing Commodities on the Dip

Brittney Barrett | |

Commodities slumped across the board today, following the announced that Chinese inflation exceeded the government’s target numbers, indicating more dramatic credit tightening in the future and

Watch Today's Rally for Clue to Near-Term Direction

George Brooks | |

Today: Some consolidation here would be healthy after an eight-day rebound from the March correction lows. Stock-index futures indicate a mixed-to-marginally positive open. Any upmove today must

Mid-Day Stock Market Roundup: Stocks Trade Up

Equities Editors Desk | |

U.S. stocks inched up in mid-day trading today as positive economic reports helped to ease the uncertainty of the financial markets. Consumers seem more willing to spend, which is an encouraging

The Problem with the Job Market

Brittney Barrett | |

The market was pushed up slightly this week on news that number of new unemployment claims has fallen. This has been something carefully observed by the media and achievement the government often

Weak Rebound Ahead for Hong Kong

Gene Linn | |

The frightening expansion of the Japanese nuclear crisis drove Hong Kong sharply lower along with other global markets. Hong Kong stocks are battered enough that they could rebound next week,

George Brooks: BIG Money Buying?

George Brooks | |

Yesterday’s “Up – Down – Up” didn’t have a chance, trumped by a worsening in risks rising from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant as well as, ugly reports for February Housing


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Can the Media Solve the Partisan Conflict?

Andrew McCarthy, Contributing Editor, The National Review; Michael Zeldin, CNN Legal Analyst; Celeste Katz, Senior Political Reporter, Glamour; Silvia Davi, SVP, Contributing Editor,; and Doug Simon, CEO, D S Simon Media discuss how the media’s role has shaped the landscape for communicators and what the media is trying to do to reduce discord in society.