Trade Negotiation in Jeopardy After China Reneges

Elliottwave Forecast | |

Over the weekend, Trump sent a pair of tweets threatening to increase tariffs on $525 billion worth of Chinese goods.

The Trade War Is Widening, Not Ending

Patrick Watson | |

One thing even President Trump can’t stop is the calendar.

Canada Stock Market Falls on Dovish Outlook, Two Insurance Stocks Remain Strong

Alex Hamilton | |

​Canada’s stock markets fell when the Bank of Canada pushed the loonie to a near four-month low at the end of April.

​Economic Dominoes Are Starting to Drop

John Mauldin | |

The Fed waited too long to start exiting from crisis-era measures. It gave the economy time to go from “dependence” on easy money to outright “addiction.”

Why businesses are expanding to Australia and New Zealand?

Craig Dempsey | |

Why businesses are expanding to Australia and New Zealand?

Jeff Kagan: Why T-Mobile, Sprint Are Showing They Are Weak

Jeff Kagan | |

Why are T-Mobile US and Sprint showing their weaknesses to the US Government in order to get their merger approved, while touting their strengths to customers and investors?

Could Taxing the Rich Solve Income Inequality?

Harry Dent | |

Billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and even Ray Dalio are recommending increased taxes on the likes of themselves

Jeff Kagan: Qualcomm and Apple Make Peace, What’s Next?

Jeff Kagan | |

Qualcomm is the US leader in wireless 5G chip set technology. Now they have settled with their large customer Apple, and Intel is exiting the business, what does the future hold for Qualcomm?

We Are Bullish on Emerging Markets

Guild Investment Management | |

We discuss in further detail the signs we see for emerging markets to wake up from their slumber.

The Economic Outlook for the Next Few Years Is … | |

After so much economic change, quantitative easing, zero interest environments and squeeze on growth since 2008, what can central banks do differently to stimulate growth tomorrow?


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