The Corporate Secretarial Services Market in Latin America

Craig Dempsey | |

Corporate secretarial services are the enabler for business. With the growth in the Latin American marketplace, this sector is heating up.

Traders Must Be Cautious Part III

Chris Vermeulen | |

This, Part III, of our multi-part research post where we are attempting to rationalize the continued bearish analysis of some other analysts as well as review some key data that may support our interpretation that the global markets are transitioning throu

Traders Must Stay Optimistically Cautious Part II

Chris Vermeulen | |

This Part II of our research post regarding the future potential of any very deep market correction and/or a potential new-age market rally based on our presumption that the global market dynamics have changed dramatically over the past 20+ years. Are the

Some GDP Deceleration, But US Corporates and Consumers Are Still In Good Health

Guild Investment Management | |

Although US GDP growth decelerated in Q4 2018, and is likely to continue at a slower pace in H1 2019, we anticipate the markets’ continued progress.

Capitalism Isn’t Bad, It’s Just Broken

John Mauldin | |

Today’s capitalism has contracted to an extent that is hard to ignore. Competition is increasingly shrinking in key markets.

Signs of Slowing Economy Continue to Mount | |

Signs of slowing continue to mount both domestically and internationally, alongside rising geopolitical risks and excessive bullishness in domestic equity markets.

Why traders must stay optimistically cautious going forward

Chris Vermeulen | |

The one interesting facet of the various research posts our team continues to digest is the continued bearish sentiment that exudes from some analysts. It appears these technical gurus have become married to the concept that global economic issues will cr

​Schumer and Sanders Want One Thing: Your Money

Rodney Johnson | |

Their proposal would place conditions on companies that wish to pay dividends and repurchase stock.

The Next Global Financial Meltdown Is Just Around the Corner | |

We have a $50 trillion shadow banking challenge, which equates to around 15% of all global financial assets. If it were to all meltdown?

Has the E-Mini S&P 500 Future (ES_F) Formed a Secondary High?

Elliottwave Forecast | |

The current level around 2700 presents a formidable resistance.


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