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Why You Should Google Yourself Right Now

Maggie Kimberl | |

Googling yourself once in a while is the smart thing to do.

Daniel Kahneman: The Trouble With Confidence

The Acquirer’s Multiple® | |

From a societal perspective confidence is generally very good, but from an individual’s point of view confidence is typically not always good.

​Private Equity & Startups: An Alternative Investment

Gary C. Bizzo | |

Private equity investing is good for people to get into an alternative investment early where risk is high but returns are generous.

How the CEOs of Multi-Billion Dollar Companies Spend Their Time

Visual Capitalist | |

Top-performing CEOs are paid the big bucks to take their companies to the next level. Here’s how they spend their time, and the biggest challenges they face.

How to Schedule for the Unexpected

Calendar | |

You don't want to leave holes in your calendar, you run a tight ship. But how do you make room to schedule the unexpected life happenstance?

​Can I Invest in Private Equity? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Martin Stein | |

Private Equity, like a lot of the most exciting things in life, isn’t accessible to everyone. But sometimes, it’s the best option if you can swing it.

​4 Business Lessons for Startups

Gary C. Bizzo | |

There are a lot of people with big ideas out there who feel, for whatever reason, that they need to be an entrepreneur, and all they need is that one big idea.

Never Miss Your Kids Events -- Even With a Crazy Work Schedule

Calendar | |

Your crazy work schedule is made even crazier when you have a new kid enter your family -- but you should never miss your kids events.

​The Looming Cost of Ignoring the Changing Workforce

Michael Burdick | |

As comfortable as private equity firms might be with the modern flexible employment ecosystem, most have not yet fully embraced the gig economy.

Warning! Learning These Negotiation Skills Can Lead to Early Retirement

Lilou Hoffman | |

An early retirement package: it’s what most long-term employees strive for in the final years of their career. Here are several tactics which are essential to the retirement negotiation process.


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