Corporate Strategy

Learn How These Industry Leaders Took Control of Their Career Paths

CommPRO Global, Inc. | |

The passive approach doesn't work. Take cues from these people who paved their own path to success.

Kik Folds — Anatomy of a Failed Startup...and a Pivot

Scott Purcell | |

Why Kik failed... and what the company plans to do next.

Jeff Kagan: AT&T, Elliott Management and Growth Strategy

Jeff Kagan | |

Elliott Management says they want AT&T to focus on the investor. Is that the right strategy? The best strategy focuses on the worker, then customer. That is what will reward the investor.

Jeff Kagan: Amazon Risks Brand Damage to Fake Goods, Third-Party Sellers

Jeff Kagan | | is risking damage to its powerful brand because of fake goods sold by some third-party vendors. They must correct this problem before it has a long-term impact on their company and brand.

Innovative Approach to Understanding Corporate Culture

CommPRO Global, Inc. | |

The MIT SMR/Glassdoor Culture 500 uses machine learning and human expertise to analyze 1.2 million employee reviews

Jeff Kagan: How Dish Network Will Get to Fourth Place in Wireless

Jeff Kagan | |

Can Charlie Ergen take Dish Network to fourth place in wireless? Will they be an offensive or defensive competitor? Will they partner with other companies? Will they change wireless industry?

9 Things To Avoid in a Startup

Gary C. Bizzo | |

From lying to yourself and others about the 'numbers' to claiming there is no competition to your product...

Use Live Video on Social Media for Your Business

Maggie Kimberl | |

Live video captures a much larger audience than a simple blog post.

How Behavioral Science Teams Are Influencing Financial Services | |

The more innovative companies understand the power of applying behavioral science to improve customer and employee behavior.

11 Digital Marketing Tips for Startups

Gary C. Bizzo | |

Hope is a poor substitute for a strategy.

Blockchain in Healthcare - Discussion at the EU Parliament

From the recent Blockchain For Europe Summit in Brussels: Panel on Digital Health - How Blockchain technology can make health care systems more patient-centric and sustainable