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Our May Stock Market Prediction – PART I

Chris Vermeulen | |

As we enter the final stage of our market predictions from nearly 5 months ago, we thought it would be a good time to revisit these predictions and to update all of our followers with some timely and, apparently, accurate market data.

3 Things To Know About Maximizing Business Credit Cards

Due | |

Savvy business owners rely on credit cards as essential tools to help make ends meet, handle unexpected expenses, and even fund expansion. Here are 3 things they may not be doing.

Live for Today – Invest for Tomorrow

Jeremy Biberdorf | |

In short, climb that mountain, take that course or join that theater company; life is short so you should live for today. However, you should also think about tomorrow and get all the help and support you need to invest wisely for your later years.

State of The Union Likely To Prompt Rotation In US Stocks

Chris Vermeulen | |

These weeks State Of The Union (SOTU) address presented by President Trump is likely to roil the markets a bit – resulting in some increased market turmoil and rotation over the next 5+ days. Additionally, we believe the tone of this message, as well as t

Why Are Americans Cutting Back on Spending in a Strong Economy?

Due | |

Effects of business tax cuts are on the brain as we get closer to tax season, but if money is really "trickling down", why are Americans spending less?

The 5 Ways Banks Must Transform To Thrive in an Era of Cryptocurrency

Due | |

​Cryptocurrency has the potential to completely change how our economy functions—and it’s already doing it. That means if banks are going to thrive and survive, they will need to transform.

3 Reasons Your Invoices Are Getting Paid Late

Due | |

​Late invoices are the bane of all of our existences. Income from contract or freelance business naturally ebbs and flows, but when the invoice is late, it's panic inducing.

How to Set up Family Finances for Long Term Success

Jeremy Biberdorf | |

Personal finance is hard enough when you are single and are making 100% of the money decisions. But then you get married and have kids and personal finance becomes even tougher.

3 Business Expenses You Are Probably Overpaying For

Due | |

Business owners often waste a lot of money on expenses, even without knowing it. Luckily, there are a few common expenses we should all be double checking.

ADP Numbers and the US Fed Hit the Launch Button

Chris Vermeulen | |

It appears they have moved to a more cautious stance in an attempt to foster continued economic growth over rate increases. The purpose of this is clear to anyone watching what is happening across the planet – the US is the strongest, most mature econom


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