2 Companies with Earnings Reports Due Out Next Week

Brittney Barrett  |

Positive earnings reports are often catalysts for a rise in shares, provided the remainder of the pieces, like a solid plan for the next quarter and optimistic future earnings expectations, are in place. For the most part, companies trading on Wall Street have released their earnings already and investors who neglected to buy beforehand missed the boat of major margins,  there are; however, still opportunities to be had.

Dick’s Sporting Goods (NYSE: DKS) , is one of them. The company is expected to release their earnings report on Monday and analysts are predicting improvement on last year. Revenue is expected to increase by 9 percent year over year with positive projections.  The stock looks could be prime for a breakout as it reaches a critical number of $42.90 which is expected to help the company break past its stasis.

The same optimism may be difficult to attribute to the tech-behemoth, Hewlett Packard (NYSE: HPQ), which is expected to released reports this coming Wednesday at the close of the market. Hewlett Packard is consistently damaged following earnings, or so the past four releases would indicate. Packard has declined around 5 percent with each earnings report and circulating news seems to indicate another dismal release for Wednesday. Similar to Dick’s, the stock has been stagnant in the slightly above $40 range but the likelihood that it would breakout on unfavorable earnings is unlikely.

Despite the potential for negative earnings reports, many investors are still rather bullish on the stock as the company enthusiastically publicizes its recently released Flex Network, unified range of networking products. Whether they will have a positive effect on this seasons earnings remains up in the air as Wall Street voices mixed sentiments.

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