Truth on Trial: Implications for Communicators – Part III

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“Truth on Trial” is just one of a series of forums put on by the Schar School of Policy & Government, whose panelists are among the most influential legal, communications, and media experts in the country. In this seminar they will discuss how today’s communicators navigate a world where “fake news,” Russian intelligence operatives, eroding social media, and biased information affects the truth—and the trust—of the democratic institutions of the United States.

The February 26 “Truth on Trial” forum follows two extremely well-attended (live and online) moderated events launched last summer.

Links to on-demand access for the first two events:

  • Truth on Trial – Featuring Ty Cobb, Former Special Counsel to the President (On-Demand Video) –
  • Truth on Trial: Implications for Communicators (On-Demand Video) –

Key Takeaways

  • What steps can organizations take to help restore trust in our institutions and our democracy? What are the strategic messaging strategies that must be implemented by the c-suite?
  • How do organizations work in an environment where there are no sidelines and every utterance is subject to criticism through a political lens? What impact does this have on setting corporate policy? What are the guidelines for developing an effective brand strategy?
  • What will the likely business impact be for organizations now that the Democrats are in control of the House of Representatives? What do businesses—including government agencies, associations and both public & private companies need to do differently? How does one measure the effectiveness of your organizational policy in today’s partisan world?


  • Mark J. Rozell, Dean, The Schar School of Policy & Government (HOST)
  • Douglas Simon, CEO, D S Simon Media (MODERATOR)
  • Robert S. Bennett, Former Counsel to President Clinton
  • Michael Caputo, Strategic Communications Expert
  • Maria Cardona, Principal, Dewey Square Group
  • Peter Carson, Managing Director, Public Affairs, North America, Weber Shandwick | Powell Tate
  • Ty Cobb, Former White House Special Counsel to President Trump
  • Gabriel Debenedetti, National Correspondent, New York Magazine
  • Alexander Howard, Independent Writer & Open Government Advocate
  • Richard S. Levick, Esq., Chairman & CEO, LEVICK
  • Terry McAuliffe, Former Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia / The Schar School of Policy & Government
  • Stefan Passantino, Former Deputy White House Counsel to President Trump
  • Steven Pearlstein, Columnist, The Washington Post / Professor, George Mason University
  • David K. Rehr, Ph.D., Professor of Public Policy, Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University
  • Lisa Osborne Ross, President, Edelman Washington D.C.
  • Frank Sesno, Director, Professor of Media and Public Affairs and International Affairs, George Washington University
  • Michael Zeldin, Legal Analyst, CNN

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