The Bull Is Not Dead: Who Will Prosper In 2018?

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From all the mainstream financial media, you’re hearing an ominous drumbeat. “The U.S. stock market is too high. A bear market is around the corner!” While we also see the clouds on the horizon, the storm is not here yet, and we believe this bull market still has significant gains to deliver before that storm arrives.

Join the Guild Investment team at 9 AM PDT on October 18 for our quarterly conference call. We’ll offer critical intelligence on what we believe are the best opportunities for investors during the rest of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, and what we think are the long-term themes that will be crucial for your investments over the next few years.

The call will be approximately 60 minutes including a Q&A session following the slide presentation. Questions can be submitted before the call or during the call. If you are unable to participate on the conference call, a playback will be available on our secure site.

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