Strategies For Enhancing Board Diversity

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Numerous recent studies have confirmed that, while there has been some progress made in diversifying boards of directors, the progress has been slow and there remains much more work to be done in improving the level of women and minority membership on public company boards, particularly at public companies outside of the Fortune 100. Over the past year, a number of major institutional investors have taken steps to throw their weight behind the issue of board diversity. During the 2017 proxy season, one of the world’s largest index funds voted against the reelection of directors at 400 companies on grounds they failed to take steps to add women to their boards.

For this webinar, we have assembled a panel of veteran public company directors who have been at the forefront in contributing to the progress being made in enhancing board diversity to share their experiences and insights gained as a woman or minority director, why they believe board diversity is such a critical issue and what steps need to be taken to increase board diversity.

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