Speak Up Women

United Nations, New York City

Speak Up Women is an event designed to support women with understanding the importance and impact that Speaking Up has in their personal, professional and philanthropic lives. We are dedicated to helping women develop and use this essential skillset so they can be more effective and make a difference in more lives, including their own.

Speak Up Women will provide attendees with nuts-and-bolts information that will enable them to drive forward their passionate personal and professional agendas and causes; empower them to use their voice; and create change where change is necessary. It is a new kind of conference, where every attendee walks away stronger and more knowledgeable – and more fearless – than when they first entered.

“I see a lot of women not speaking up or out, held back by unwarranted fears. ‘Speak Up Women’ creates momentum for women to drive forward their own passionate personal and professional agendas and causes. ‘Speak Up Women’ is going to fulfill some dreams and create new ones,” points out Ms. Wilkov. It’s going to provide a higher level of strength, capability, and courage for women to come together as women in support of women, as well as having a good time and knowing that’s okay.” ~ Jennifer S. Wilkov, the Founder and Producer of Speak Up Women

“Speak Up Women is an incubator for individual women and women’s organizations to imagine, develop, and realize the presentation of their own visions, to and for others,” Wilkov says. “We envision women forging a better future—for themselves and others.”

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