Institutional Investor's Innovation in Investment

New York, NY

Innovation in Investment brings together experienced asset owners and the most sophisticated thought leaders and academics in big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Recognizing that the incorporation of data is increasingly vital to all styles of investment and to risk appetites of all degrees, Institutional Investor’s new event will focus on how institutions have access to a true spectrum of investment opportunities, with a specific emphasis on the ways that disruptive innovations like the incorporation of big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technology-driven advances are changing the entire opportunity set for institutional investors.


Over the course of the one day program, discussions will look to include what exactly it is that these solutions can bring to an institutional portfolio, including:

  • How investors differentiate between various types of strategies and the managers that purport to possess the “secret sauce” on everything from smart beta to complex quant-based strategies
  • Which vehicles can smooth out volatility without sacrificing returns; and
  • How investment strategies – whether passive or the most active—complement what is in investors’ portfolios instead of concentrating exposures and risks.

The program will also look to offer insights into such topics as:

  • How the most sophisticated managers are using the latest technologies to provide truly innovative solutions to investors;
  • Why these technologies will permeate all investment strategies and styles, not just those of quant-based firms; and
  • How investors identify, assess, and monitor managers in this space, and the appropriate benchmarks and guiding principles of this brave new world of investing.

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